5 Billion-Dollar Satellite Operator Stocks

January 15. 2021. 9 mins read

Say what you want about Elon Musk, but he should be commended for not kowtowing to the small minority of soon-to-be unemployable tech workers who think they were hired to push activist agendas. Mr. Musk is too busy executing against his own agenda, which is to secure mankind’s future by making inter-planetary travel a reality. As visionaries like Musk continue to make progress in space, there’s an increased interest from investors for exposure to NewSpace themes such as cleaning up space junk, gas stations in space, or even space tourism.

In a recent article, we asked Are There Any Space ETFs Worth Investing In? Turns out there aren’t, but we did come across a handful of stocks that may be worth a closer look. Most of these stocks came across our radar a few years back when we wrote about 10 Satellite Stocks for Your NewSpace Portfolio. They are largely satellite operators that

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