4 Pure-Play Smart Home Stocks for IoT Investors

October 26. 2020. 8 mins read

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 138 million housing units in the United States, many of which are giant McMansions that don’t get much use. While the Australians are in a close second when it comes to average home sizes, a person in Hong Kong has just a quarter of the floor space of the average Australian or American. In the city with more skyscrapers than any other, you’ll sometimes come across the old bathroom/kitchen combo where you can literally take a shower, have a “number two,” and prepare dinner, all at the same time.

What truly small living spaces look like – Credit: SCMP

If you’re an American, home is a place to store all the stuff you plan to buy, and your fortress of consumerism needs some security and a way to reduce the energy bills required to maintain your own micro-climate. That’s where smart home technology can give large homeowners peace of mind and a more convenient environment to spend time in. Today’s smart home isn’t just about personal security, though that’s the leading reason why people are attracted to smart home products. It’s also about conservation of resources, wellness, usability, and entertainment.

The many attributes of a smart home – Credit: Alarm.com

Today, we’re going to look at four Internet of Things (IoT

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