Array Technologies – A Solar Tracking Stock

October 17. 2020. 5 mins read

Solar is finally having its day in the sun as the Invesco Solar ETF reaches new highs, aided by the merger of Sunrun and Vivint which have soared to the moon. The reason? Everything points to solar being the theme du jour for Robinhood day-trader types to pile into. Further evidence to support this claim might be the recent IPO of Array Technologies (ARRY) which doubled on the first day of trading, and now sports a $5 billion market cap. What everyone’s getting so excited about is something called “solar tracking.”

The Growth of Solar Tracking

In our previous piece on How a Solar Panel Tracking System Works, we talked about how fixed solar panels can produce a lot more energy if they rotate to track the sun, something that’s called solar panel tracking. Solar energy projects that use trackers generate up to 25% more energy and deliver a 22% lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Trackers are now more common than not, at least in the United States, where approximately 70% of all ground-mounted solar projects constructed during 2019 utilized them. That’s been a great source of growth for Array Technologies, one of the

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