Moderna and the Coronavirus Vaccine Thesis

March 11. 2020. 6 mins read

It’s on the cover of every magazine, on the headline of every newspaper. People can’t stop talking about it, and frankly, we’re getting sick and tired of hearing about it. That’s right, we’re talking, of course, about The Bachelor’s wild finale yesterday, where Peter’s love triangle turned into a messy happily ever after. Absolutely riveting stuff, but enough about Pete being hopelessly in love with two different women. Today, we want to talk about something more relevant to mankind – the “C-word.” Could this possibly explain why Moderna (MRNA) is charging forward in the face of a market that’s presently getting decimated?

Moderna Therapeutics
Credit: Yahoo Finance

Back in 2018, we suggested dollar-cost-averaging into some Moderna stock following their IPO. (As every MBA knows, always remind people about your good calls, and conveniently forget every bad call you’ve ever made.) If you happened to pick up some shares of Moderna back then, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. For example, the Motley Fool published a piece yesterday titled Will Moderna Make a Fortune Off Its Coronavirus Vaccine? which finishes with some hard-hitting advice f

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