A Base Editing IPO from Beam Therapeutics

September 30. 2019. 5 mins read

The ability to modify genes may be one of the most promising disruptive technologies there is today. As the general public learns about the potential of gene editing, retail investors will be looking for stocks that provide some exposure to it. In the case of gene editing, there are three stocks that would be considered pure plays on the theme – at least the last time we checked. That would have been last March when we wrote about A Few Updates on the Progress of Gene Editing noting that “with patents being filed and issued left and right, it’s also starting to look like there is no single gene-editing platform that will rule them all, but rather a bunch of people doing similar things, each method having its own competitive advantage.” The following month, we wrote about 6 CRISPR Applications from Healthcare Startups which looked at how gene editing is being used in healthcare – from fighting cancer and infectious disease to discovering diseases and even new drugs. One of the companies in that article, Beam Therapeutics, has just filed for an IPO.

A Gene Editing IPO from Beam Therapeutics

Click for company websiteFounded in 2017, Massachusetts startup Beam Therapeutics has taken in $222 million

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