CloudMinds – A Smart Chinese Robot Stock?

July 20. 2019. 5 mins read

They say that you should be able to convey your business model to a nine-year-old because that means you truly understand what it is you do. For example, here at Nanalyze, our business model is to babysit a bunch of MBAs who produce insightful articles on technology investing which all our lovely readers consume for free. How do we make money when we offer our product for free? That’s a good question little Johnny, now run along and go play with your toys.

One company we’ve written about before is a Chinese firm called CloudMinds which raised $316 million in funding from some notable investors including Softbank and Foxconn Group. In our article, we commented that “details about its cloud robotics platform are still skimpy.” If we had to explain what they do to little Johnny, we’d say that “CloudMinds is a Chinese company that builds software that can control many robots.” Fast forward to today and CloudMinds has now filed for an IPO which means they’ve filed a document (for foreign companies it’s called an F-1, for U.S. companies it’s called an S-1) which contains loads of additional information. In other words, we should be able to read their IPO filing and figure out what exactly the company does.

What Would Ya Say, Ya Do Here?

“Operating smart robots for people,” is what the company says their mission is. They describe their product as an end-to-end cloud robot system, which consists of a “cloud brain,” a “nerve network,” robot controllers and robot bodies.

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