5 Chinese Electric Utility Companies to Invest In

Chinese Electric Utility Companies

We can’t stop talking about how China is kicking America’s ass in just anything they put their minds to lately. This shouldn’t be a big surprise as there are 1.4 billion of them working 9-9-6, as opposed to some of the tools we have here in America who think all those horrible founders in Silicon Valley “work too much“. Besides the obvious advantage in numbers, China’s economic policies are also becoming more and more progressive. While the U.S. administration talks about bringing back the good ol’ days of coal, China is moving in exactly the opposite direction. The country is the number one producer and consumer of electricity in the world, producing about 1.5 times the amount the U.S. does. Chinese electricity is also very cheap, which is why they dominate in bitcoin mining:

Credit: statista.com

It was during that article on bitcoin mining that we started to think about investing in Chinese electric utility companies as an investment thesis with the main points being:

  • China has 1.4 billion consumers who need electricity
  • China is focusing more on renewable energy, and leads in both solar and wind power globally
  • China will use more electricity as they move to electrif

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