Breast Density and Volpara Health Technologies (VHT)

September 7. 2017. 4 mins read

Ethnocentrism is the tendency of humans to see things through the lens of their own culture. This same tendency is what causes “domestic bias” which means that investors from Country X will lean towards investing in stocks from Country X because that’s what they know. We often come across gems while doing research that are lesser known companies in faraway foreign countries that offer investors some great pure-play opportunities along with some great currency diversification opportunities. One such stock we profiled recently was ISRA VISION, a profitable high-growth small cap that is a pure-play on machine vision. Now we’re going to introduce you to a little-known medical imaging stock with a great growth story and some incidental currency exposure to the Australian dollar (all numbers that follow are in USD).

About Volpara Technologies (ASX:VHT)

Click for company websiteFounded in 2009, New York company Volpara Technologies (ASX:VHT) took in a single round of $5.5 million in 2014 and then decided to have an IPO on the Australian stock market in December of 2016 (mainly because it was more convenient) which raised around $8 million. Based on today’s share price of 46 cents, that gives VHT a minuscu

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