What’s Up with Graphene Stocks? Remember Graphene?

Over the past 4 years we've dedicated 27 articles to educating investors about "the graphene industry" and so far, we have to say it's been a bigger disappointment than carbon nanotubes, which were also expected to change the world. Graphene stocks just haven't performed leaving us wondering if graphene will ever live up to its expectations.

If you're new to graphene, or you understandably already forgot about what it was, graphene is a nanomaterial with some incredible properties. Here's a wonderful infographic from Compound Interest that will bring you up to speed quickly:

Now that you know what graphene is, you might be thinking about investing in it. Since graphene comes from graphite, why not invest in graphite miners? We dispelled that myth in an article titled "Graphite Miners are Not a Play on Graphene". So what about investing in companies that produce graphene? We've written quite a bit about private graphene producers like XG Sciences, Perpetuus, and Angstron Materials. Wh...

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