Rocket Fuel (FUEL) – An Artificial Intelligence Stock?

In previous articles, we've talked about the merits of artificial intelligence and big data and how these technologies can enable a multitude of industries to begin learning how to do things more effectively. One area where these technologies can be used is in digital marketing. Also referred to as "programmatic marketing", AI and big data can be used to figure out what digital ad to serve you up at any given time to increase the likelihood that you'll click on it. While we've said before that you can't invest in artificial intelligence yet as a retail investor, we did come across one publicly traded company called Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ:FUEL) which is playing in the "programmatic marketing" space and while their value proposition sounds exciting, there's much more to this company than meets the eye. Founded in 2008, Rocket Fuel uses artificial intelligence and big data to determine which ad is best to serve at any given moment in order to increase the likelihood of you clicking on th
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