Will Enphase Stock Go Up or Down? Here’s The Answer

April 29. 2023. 1 min read

Will Enphase stock go up or down? Well, right now it’s going down because of rising interest rates and changes to California’s net metering policy. That’s why ENPH stock fell around 25%, though it’s too early to tell just how impactful these issues will be. Sure, when interest rates fall a major component of the problem goes away, but how far away will that be? In other words, $ENPH may still have a further fall. When you consider valuation – Enphase stock vs SolarEdge, for example – then Enphase is still richly priced. While they’ve been moving more towards offering commercial products, we’re led to believe that most of Enphase’s fortunes surround U.S. residential solar which means they’ll be in a world of hurt if demand for their products dries up. Investors in Enphase stock should wait a few quarters to see a complete picture of what this fallout might look like.


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