Procter & Gamble | A PG Stock Analysis

August 6. 2023. 1 min read

Procter & Gamble stock is one of the best consumer staple dividend growth stocks out there. That’s because their portfolio of consumer product brands enjoys market leadership across the globe. As long-time investors in PG stock, we have some concerns around their desire to alienate customers by dabbling in divisive American politics. This was most notably in 2019 when they attacked an entire gender under the guise of “doing what’s right.” Hopefully, the firm learned their lesson. Even if they run the Gillette brand into the ground (which hardly seems likely since it still enjoys 60% market share), grooming is still a much broader franchise than just blades. In total, the grooming segment accounted for 8% of 2022 sales and 10% of net income. We’re hoping that P&G learned their lesson when it comes to alienating customers and that the focus will always be on how to appeal to the broadest set of individuals for each consumer brand they own.


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