NanoXplore Stock: Where are the organic revenues?

May 3. 2023. 1 min read

NanoXplore stock $NNXPF $GRA.TO is said to be a play on #graphene, but we’re not quite sure that’s accurate. Meaningful #revenues started in 2019 when the company acquired a manufacturing firm called Sigma. Prior to that, they had acquired a firm called CEBO. The last reported annual revenues for these two firms exceeded $82 million. So why can’t NanoXplore hit these numbers? Is NanoXplore a graphene company that dabbles in manufacturing, or a manufacturing company that released some graphene-enabled products that their customers don’t care about? We don’t know because the company doesn’t tell us, so we can only look towards the most important metric for any disruptive technology company that demonstrates traction – revenue growth. NanoXplore can continue growing revenues by acquiring companies, and that’s fine and dandy, but let’s not pretend that the graphene thesis is finally maturing when that doesn’t appear to be the case. We don’t believe graphene is adding the value that investors think it is.


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