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Here’s a collection of testimonials from our favorite people in the world – our subscribers. Not only did you support us with your hard-earned cash but you also took the time and effort to write to us and brighten our day. For that, we sincerely thank you!

We receive these unsolicited words of kindness regularly from retail and professional investors, and they motivate our team of underpaid and overworked MBAs to become even better. Are you considering joining to Nanalyze community? Read the below comments and you’ll be convinced.

Excellent. Count me a new subscriber. Thank you.

Jack M.

I appreciate your unfiltered approach.

JL King

I value videos like yours because I try to have my eyes and ears wide open to really evaluate the pros and cons of my investments. Thanks.

Karelida R.

Great analysis, insights and presentation in the webinar. All the best!


 A long time admirer of Nanalyze and now a very recent subscriber.


Enjoy your articles immensely. Not just the content, but the generous use of satire as well.

D van R

Please pass along my gratitude to the writer of that piece.  It was nicely pulled together from the various press release we’ve done!


 I’m a total Nanalyze fan. Best investment read out there!


 Thanks Joe – you are truly democratizing investing. Brilliant.


IMHO, most impressive! I am very pleasantly surprised by the content produced by your organization! The articles I’ve seen almost read like research papers considering the detail and supporting links.


The articles are interesting to read. Well written and edited.


Nanalyze is an outstanding company which provides outstanding investing data.


I’ve been a Nanalyze Premium subscriber since early February. I appreciate the great work you and your Team do.


I like your writing, I like your take on investing and the markets, and yes, I even like the snark. Continued success.


Hello all, Always impressed and joyous to get your emails. SPACS… if it weren’t for Nanalyze, I’d be in the dark on that one and I’m usually ahead of the curve.


I love the way you guys write. It’s not stuffy, dumb or boring. Well done. I’m a fan.


Great work as always!


I just subscribed to Nanalyze, this is really great work that you and your team are doing. I appreciate it!


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my subscription to Nanalyze. The only thing I appreciate more than your analyses is the wit, sarcasm, and humor used in reporting. Thanks and keep researching for me.


Love the writing style, insightful articles and knowing you’ve got skin in the game. Thanks!


Your clear, no BS, no political correctness, tell it like you see it approach is so refreshing that I could not resist signing up. Looking forward to digging into your articles and future reports.


I’ve been reading about and investing in bleeding edge tech for many years and enjoy your articles a lot.


To be honest, I think you guys are one of the best kept “secrets” in the investing world. Just as good and arguably better than ARK. This is fantastic research! 


Great content by the way.  I very rarely subscribe to media or investment resource platforms but I think you have some very good stuff.


I love your articles. Keep up the great work. 


Thank you so much for you thoughtful and honest responses. Conversing with you feels like speaking with a human being, which is such a striking contrast to what has become so familiar in today’s world. It is greatly appreciated, and I truly hope to see your service evolve and continue in its current path, and not find itself being diverted to a similar path as those you call pundits.


I just finished reading your guide to investing in AI Healthcare and I am very impressed with the quality of information you had in that report.


By the way – I love Nanalyze: don’t change; just add on.


I’m not sure if you know much about stocks but I like your sense of humor. 


I want to commend you for great content on Nanalyze. 


Huge thanks for another insightful and well articulated take on this company. 


Thanks for your swift and efficient service. I truly enjoy the “style” of your communication. 


It’s rare that I see such research and analysis these days.


This is literally the best electronic direct mail marketing that exists. Love your work guys!  


It’s rare that I see such research and analysis these days.


I read your article at about 9pm and within a couple of hours I found it useful to subscribe to nanalyze. I look forward to reading about all the other sectors in the coming weeks.  Keep the great work going and continue to make these complex technologies accessible and fun to read about.


Thanks Nanalyze for your effort and tireless work. The information and insights you’re providing is very much appreciated and also very valuable to me. Best of luck in the future and please keep irreverent tone at high pitch 🤘


I love Nanalyze!


I just wanted to say I really like your site. I am going to make sure to share it on all of my social media. Keep up the good work.  


I think you’re doing great work.


I’ve been reading Nanalyze’s articles since 2018 and have appreciated the more straightforward and less hyped takes on emerging technologies and investments compared to a lot of other stuff I read. 


I must say the quality of your research and the details provided in your reports and the articles is top notch.


I would like to give some unsolicited feedback. I love your articles and the witty way they are presented. I have followed you for many years.


I have followed your research for awhile and appreciate the levelheaded prospective. Glad to support your firms efforts!


It was really hard to find any credible data until i ran across the article. My sincerest gratitude to you all for keeping it real.


Love the humor and the no politics rule.  Your newsletter also has some great writing and investment information. 

Dan in Bahstun 

We have long admired Nanalyze’s content.


You run a really excellent site, honestly I read a lot, and your content is just stellar, consistently. Kudos!


So glad I joined Nanalyze!!


Very much appreciated. Excellent analysis. That’s why I am a subscriber.


My compliments on the bold article. And thanks! I was going to invest a very modest amount in CBIS. I came across your article and was impressed with the boldness but not convinced. Did another google search on the past legal charge. It came out as authentic. Keep up the good work!


First off I would like to tell you how much I am enjoying my subscription to Nanalyze. Definitely the best service I have ever subscribed to, and given the money I have spent on some really shitty software and services I do have a significant basis for comparison.


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your incredible work. I really appreciate your articles, you are definitely helping me finding more ways to invest in technologies I’m interested in. Thanks for the great quality you are providing us.


I absolutely love your analysis. Can’t say enough good things about your articles. I learn so much each time.

Jay S.

I appreciate your insights and service. It would be nice if mainstream media and some of the large investment firms shared your common sense perspective on valuations.

Mike H.

You keep up the good work you are doing.


I love the reports you put out. Refreshing actually. There are not many information flows that give solid common sense reasoning behind the thinking.


Signed up as an annual member a few days ago and am very glad to have done so. The content, the education, the explanations, the portfolios are all top notch. 


I just signed up yesterday and wanted to say how much I’m already appreciating your superior analysis. I recently subscribed to Motley Fool’s premium service, and was trialling Seeking Alpha, but both pale in comparison, and I will now ditch both and keep only Nanalyze. 


I’ve been following Nanalyze for quite some time now and I am a big fan. 


You guys do a great job with your research. I appreciate all that you do. 


Thank you for the expert analysis.


Brilliant website. I must admit it’s the first time I pay for articles on the internet.


Love your articles.

Matthew M.

Thanks for all of your entertaining and informative posts.

Ben M.

Keep up great work!


Great SWOT analysis. I am keeping an eye on this one. Thanks.

Kurbskie K.

Absolutely great content! Thank you.

Teemu V.

Enjoyed this; hard to find good looks into PL on YouTube so thanks for your work here.

Jacob D.

Your coverage is some of the best I’ve seen.

Louis G.

Thanks as always for your reports

Greg K.

This is a really good analysis, an objective view of the pros and cons, much appreciated. This channel is a gold mine.

Jeff S.

Great channel! Straightforward, honest, no bs! As an investor with 7 years experience, I understand all the points you made because I was a newbie not too long ago.


Great balanced view.

John Z.

I’m a new subscriber….. enjoying the YouTube channel (and other content).   Very informative, educational,  and frequently amusing, analysis.

Chris D.

Excellent business analysis

Guido F.

Thanks for this video, very interesting and informative. Just came across your channel, big fan of the no BS style


That’s very helpful, thank you!

Gabriel M.

Great summary.

Shaun B.

Even as a biotech guy I am impressed by the analyses done of complex biotech platforms. You’re a bunch of bright folks – hope to meet in person at some point!

Jack S.

Nice content, thank you. Got a new subscriber.

Chris A.

Very good presentation

Jonas W.

Thanks for this excellent analysis

Zvi N.

Glad I found your channel. Good stuff. Thanks.

Rob F.

I love this presentation. It gives clear insight into your thinking process. Well done and thank you for posting.


Great video


I love your videos


Appreciated this analysis, thanks!


Great video and analysis. It is apparent you took a great amount of time to prepare this content.

Daniel F.

You guys are great. It’s good to be talked out of all the hype. No BS just BSD.


Joe this is again fantastic!

Adam H

Who wrote this article? It’s witty and outright enjoyable while providing facts at the same time. Just enjoyed this piece. Fair to say, I became a fan of this site with just this article.


Thanks for the amazing content.

Manan A.

Excellent analysis. I have been looking at BKSY and a few other PLTR invested companies. This does give me some pause. I see why it’s always best to have a bull and bear case for every stock.


Excellent review as per usual


As a long time investor, I am  impressed with the methodology depth and independence of your analytical approach.


Your research is really underrated. You do a pretty damned good job.


I love your work, and I very much look forward to your Bionano Genomics video. Satisfied subscriber.


You all are so awesome. Thank you.