5 International Mid-Cap Robotics Stocks

Nobody does automation like the Japanese. From robots delivering food in popular chain restaurants to thermostats that will draw you a bath and tell you when it’s ready, the country is light years ahead of most. In many cases, Japanese automation addresses specific cultural use cases that just haven’t caught on abroad. Similarly, cultural differences […]

ABB vs FANUC vs Yaskawa – The Winner Is?

The more mature a theme becomes, the more likely it is that one or more leaders will emerge. Our recent article on A List of 14 Promising Robotics Companies uncovered three names – FANUC (6954.T), ABB (ABB), and Yaskawa (6506.T) – that are considered to be the top producers of industrial robotics solutions. Today, we’re going […]

A List of 14 Promising Robotics Companies

When 95% of active managers can’t beat a broad market benchmark, claiming you can is rather pointless. Instead, it’s better to show investors how to fish. Investing is about doing enough due diligence to make a decision with conviction, but not so much that you approach analysis paralysis. Today, we’re going to start down the […]

Teradyne Stock: Where’s the Robotics Exposure?

Regular readers have probably been following our recent quest to find the best semiconductor stock. We’ve dropped down quite the rabbit hole trying to identify a company in the mold of NVIDIA (NVDA). Its graphic processing units (GPUs) have helped it take a dominating position in multiple industries and sectors related to computing, including AI […]

AutoStore Stock Adds Warehouse Automation as a Service

An important part of the mythology of startups in the United States is the origin story. For instance, some of the biggest tech companies in the world, like Amazon and Microsoft, originally launched out of the founder’s garage. In Norway, it’s barns. That’s how AutoStore (AUTO.OL), a pure-play stock in warehouse automation, got its start. […]

Should We Buy Shares of Mobileye Stock?

The world of tech investing is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for newbie investors. They’re all looking for golden tickets, and they all want to sample every candy out there that looks tasty. A rock-star marketing team can present a product so well that it appeals to investors, not just customers. Couple that with a […]

Is PROCEPT BioRobotics Stock Worth Holding?

We don’t have to tell our readers that it’s been tough to find many, if any, feel-good stories in the tech market. Based on our risk-averse approach to disruptive tech investing, we’ve been able to stave off the kind of losses more aggressive funds have experienced over the last year. That’s largely because we’ve developed […]

Mobileye Stock: An Autonomous Driving Pure-Play

Usually, when a hardware company talks about how they can address 50 different use cases across 12 different industries, it means they haven’t made inroads into any. This is characteristic of companies with marginal revenues or none. Addressing a very specific use case and conquering it opens doors to adjacent opportunities. NVIDIA did a great […]

Omnicell Stock: Investing in Automated Pharmacy Tech

Those of a certain age may remember actor Matt Dillon’s greatest performance of his career as a drug addict who, with his drug-addled gang, busted into pharmacies to get a fix and make some cash. “Drugstore Cowboy” came out in 1989, but what the medical industry euphemistically calls “medication loss due to drug diversion” is […]

Symbotic Stock: Sleeping With a Giant

Spending time in the corporate world helps investors understand more intuitively how businesses operate. Performance improvement plans are large collections of documentation used to exit people. Promotions are rarely predictable. And when two businesses interact, one is always the alpha. Vendors who provide services to large companies are always on the lowest rungs of the […]