Life Sciences

Illumina Stock Falls on GRAIL Acquisition Fail

Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market,” says Warren Buffet. That advice couldn’t be more applicable today as the bear market continues to hit new lows. To feel comfortable with your portfolio in the red, you need to invest in quality […]

Cold Chain Logistics Stocks: BioLife vs Cryoport

A few months ago, we held a cage match between two of the leading gene-editing stocks. Basically, it ended in a draw, leaving us with a mini portfolio in this potentially lucrative but extremely volatile life sciences/nanotech market. Generally risk-averse investors, we’re always looking for ways to get exposure to an emerging technology theme like […]

Is Fulgent Genetics Stock More Than a One-Hit Wonder?

Our MBAs at Nanalyze are constantly tweaking our disruptive tech investing methodology, adapting our metrics as we play through one of the weirdest post-bull runs in Wall Street history – and that’s saying a lot. Gone are the days of growth at all costs, but that’s been the mantra of the tech sector for a […]

Seven Proteomics Stocks: Finding the Best One

If you’ve been on this planet for 70 years, you would have been present for four global recessions. The first would have been in 1975, and the last in 2009. The flames of warning are starting to flicker again says Reuters – higher interest rates, red-hot inflation, and energy crisis – and of course the […]

Senseonics Stock: Overvalued and Struggling to Compete

Whenever one of your friends starts asking certain questions, you know what’s coming next. “Wouldn’t you rather work a lot less than you do?” “Could you use more money?” “Are you worried about your financial future?” These are all primer questions leading up to a pitch for whatever multi-level marketing Kool-Aid was pitched to them […]

Why Quanterix Stock is Dropping Like a Rock

Last week’s news cycle was dominated by a headline that almost makes you shed a tear. No, we’re not talking about Jennette McCurdy finally revealing to the world why she doesn’t like Ariana Grande. We’re talking about the sheer beauty of DeepMind’s latest accomplishment – the ability to predict the structure of nearly all proteins found in nature. […]

Why We No Longer Like Personalis Stock

As our tech investing methodology evolves, new rules help us better avoid risks and pitfalls by choosing companies that have proven their potential. Meaningful revenue of $10 million per year or more demonstrates traction, provided it’s not in the form of government grants. The larger the company, the more likely they’ll be able to raise […]

Dexcom Stock: How Much Growth is Left?

“I never realized that I loved hiking,” says a moderately attractive woman named Abby who breaks into tears over the thought of her newly found hobby. This woman has clearly never encountered a tick in her life, but if she did, the tick probably wouldn’t find her blood to be that tasty. You see, Nancy […]

Babylon Stock: Why It’s Dropping Like a Rock

Why do some investment firms send out alerts to subscribers explaining large stock price increases? That’s not what investors want to know. Look up any given stock and you’ll find that their questions always relate to some unknown calamity. When bad things happen, people turn to the Ministry of Truth for an explanation. Rarely will […]

Humacyte Stock is Pure Play on Regenerative Medicine

Over the last couple of years, more than half of all companies that went public came through the back door via mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). We all know how that has turned out – pretty much what we warned about several years ago in a piece titled How SPACs Reward Everyone Except […]