Life Sciences

Talkspace Stock: A Pure-Play Mental Health Stock

Our MBAs have been working overtime trying to cover all of the companies entering the public markets, so our lovely readers can separate the wheat from the chaff. And most of you know how chafed we’ve felt over the deluge of blank-check companies merging with pre-pubescent, pre-revenue startups that offer only suffering and sorrow for […]

Two Mindfulness Meditation Apps for Investor Awareness

There’s an iconic scene in the movie “Animal House” where chaos erupts on the streets during a parade. A young Kevin Bacon, in his film debut, attempts to restore order, by repeatedly saying, “Remain calm. All is well.” He is eventually flattened by a runaway mob. It’s pure Oscar gold. It also represents how a […]

Tivic Health Sees Huge Market in Consumer Neuromodulation

Allergens are a problem. Grass and weed pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and cockroaches are all things that cause allergic reactions that people deal with. The majority of sinus sufferers treat their painful allergies with pills. Since most Americans have a small cadre of sinus treatments like pills, nose sprays, and nasal flushes in their […]

8 Companies Developing Bioelectronic Devices

As the years go by, technology keeps catching up with science fiction. We’ve come a long way from the rehashed tale of Frankenstein’s monster being brought to life using 19th-century sewing techniques and a spark of electricity. Nowadays, Hollywood just crams sci-fi movies, sequels, trilogies, and even tetralogies down our throats as fast as they […]

When Will Xenotransplantation of Pig Organs Be Possible?

We recently profiled eight companies creating exotic lab-based foods. Dubbed cellular agriculture, the technology to grow meat from animal cells has advanced swiftly in just a few years. One of the first commercial products just hit the menu at a Singaporean restaurant. At $23 for four chicken nuggets, it’s still more of a novelty than […]

NovaSignal Uses Robotics, AI for Ultrasound Brain Imaging

We’re gobsmacked by the sheer number of special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) launching, given that most of these SPACs offer little value to the retail investor. One of the exceptions (if not for the premium stock price) is the recent IPO by Butterfly Network (BFLY), which is disrupting the ultrasound industry with a portable medical device […]

Why is Pacific Biosciences Stock Dropping?

When you start to stick your neck out and draw conclusions based on evidence you present, nobody says anything if you’re right. Crickets. However, if your conclusion turns out to be wrong, people will crawl out of their graves to tell the world what a moron you are. That’s just how it goes around here, […]

9 Telehealth Companies Bubbling to the Top

Touch has always been a sensitive topic, but even more so today with The Rona demanding that people keep their hands off one another. It’s a shame, because touch is beneficial for so many reasons. Waiters use touch to build trust with customers, couples use touch to gauge sexual compatibility, and doctors use touch to […]

Is 23andMe Stock a Good Play on Genetics Testing?

With more than 9,700 hedge funds in operation around the planet, it’s highly unlikely that a handful of amateur stock manipulators on Reddit are bringing down Wall Street. It’s a myth that the media continues to perpetuate, further exacerbating the problem by encouraging even more dumb money to enter the fracas. What you are seeing […]

Calico Purring Right Along With Life Extension Research

Earlier this month, Alphabet (GOOG) took the air out of its Loon subsidiary, a former moonshot project for deploying internet around the world using high-flying balloons. Apparently, the economics just didn’t work out. No word on how much Google’s parent company spent on Loon, but SoftBank had sunk $125 million into the business in 2019. […]