Is SoFi Stock a Ticking Time Bomb? Hard to Tell.

We’ve been called the best kept secret in finance, yet that hardly seems the case based on how many emails we receive each day. People from all walks of life feel the need to reach out with some of the inanest rubbish you could dream up. But not all these emails are pointless. Some really […]

Coinbase Stock and the Get-Rich-Quick Mentality

A large number of young Americans believe there’s some elusive shortcut to wealth. The cause could be any number of reasons – Hollywood drivel that’s peddled as entertainment, the 15-second TikTok attention span, or today’s financial pundit touting ten stocks under $10 – whatever the cause might be, the snake oil salespeople of crypto have […]

Checking in With Payment Stocks – PayPal, Adyen, & Block

The efficient market hypothesis tells us that a stock’s intrinsic value cannot suddenly increase without reason. When the reason is clearly hype, investors might be served to do the unthinkable – engage in a bit of market timing and take some profits. That’s what we did with shares of Desktop Metal (DM) back when we […]

How to Generate Rental Income Without Owning a Home

You’ll never buy that casa on the playa by cherry-picking the right stonk. When 95% of professional money managers can’t beat a simple benchmark, your Saturday afternoon due diligence sessions aren’t going to put you in the top 5% that can. Accumulating wealth is a slow boring process that takes lots of time and sacrifice. […]

Pagaya Stock Uses AI to Power Asset-Backed Securities

About three months ago, we revisited a fintech company called Upstart (UPST) after its stock price went soaring. In our previous article on the company, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze loan applications, we decided there was way too much risk and volatility to jump onto the IPO, despite the impressive growth story. What goes […]

How to Buy Foreign Stocks as An American Investor

A running joke here at Nanalyze is referring to “the great country of Africa,” a place that most Americans associate with safaris. It’s humorous because it’s an ignorant thing to say. Africa isn’t a country, it’s a continent consisting of 54 countries, each with its own culture and idiosyncrasies. (Surprisingly, around half are dictatorships.) Nearly […]

How Retail Investors Can Invest in Private Equity Funds

If anyone is wondering why Elon Musk has such a fan club, it’s because his inner nerd harkens to those who appreciate immature geniuses. Look no further than his recent announcement that he might start a university in Texas – the Texas Institute of Technology and Science. For most people commenting on this tweet, it […]

Expensify Stock: Making Expense Reports Great Again

The stench of American politics has gotten a whole lot worse lately in Portland, Oregon, a city with squalor that makes third-world favelas look orderly and structured. Take a drive through the city’s main arterials and you’ll quickly notice all the crudely erected structures with garbage overflowing onto the streets. Instead of addressing this gaping […]

Billtrust Stock: Accounts Receivable Automation

A remarkable number of people ask the Ministry of Truth, Google, which stock is “the best” to buy. Never mind how ambiguous the term “best” is, market timing alone can mean two people investing in the same stock, over roughly the same time frame, can experience two very different outcomes. For us, “best” means the […]

7 Geospatial Intelligence Companies for P&C Insurance

There aren’t that many trillion-dollar industries left where technology isn’t already shaking things up. One of the last dinosaurs to be hit by the asteroid of technological disruption is the insurance game. Specifically, we’re talking about property and casualty (P&C) insurance, which represents $1.6 trillion in premiums and accounts for about one-third of the entire […]