Investing in 2023: It’s All About Managing Risk

“Do you think you could write an article on investing in 2023? We’ve hit the first prolonged bear market in more than a decade, and I know many, like myself, would find it valuable to understand the unique opportunities this presents as we begin to deploy our capital.” Those are the words of a lucky […]

Strive Asset Management and Anti-ESG ETFs

Always make people work as hard to take your money as you did to earn it. In the same manner, you shouldn’t invest in companies that don’t have your best interests in mind. Fiduciary responsibility is a term used to describe the obligation firms have to act in the best interest of shareholders. For example, […]

Is Mercado Libre Stock the Amazon of Latin America?

There are nearly 60,000 publicly traded companies in the world, so it would take our overworked team of MBAs and their children’s children to cover them all. Fortunately, all of our writers are contractually obligated to employ their progeny with Nanalyze in perpetuity, so we’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, we often kick the […]

dLocal Stock Demolished by Short Report

When we publish a negative report about a stock that appears to be under the influence of stock promoters, the accusations are always the same. We’re accused of being short when in fact we wouldn’t short a stock no matter how bad it looks. That’s because the market is not rational, and shorting a stock […]

Is Betting on DraftKings Stock a Good Idea?

Readers know that one of our oft-repeated refrains is that if 95% of professional investment managers can’t beat a broad market benchmark, it’s extremely doubtful we can do better. That’s why we diversify and only hold a double-digit percentage of our total assets in tech stocks, some of that being allocated to fintech. On the […]

Four UK Venture Capital Stocks to Consider

Every investor needs to take a holistic look at their total assets under management (AUM) when considering what risks they’re taking. For example, we focus largely on tech stocks here at Nanalyze, but the majority of our money (about 60%) is in a dividend growth investing strategy – Quantigence – which is largely rules based […]

AvidXchange Stock Sees Strong Growth in B2B Payments

Going long a stock with conviction helps you sleep well at night when your portfolio is dramatically underwater because the market hit the skids. The Nasdaq has fallen 30% since the beginning of this year when the market peaked and the bear market started its slide. This means your average tech stock would have fallen […]

Stock Buybacks: Share Repurchases Explained Simply

One of the leading thought leaders in Web 3.0 venture funding told the New York Times “investing, for me, is a form of activism to create the world I want to see.” That’s great, but you won’t see a red penny of our hard-earned money. Ideas such as providing a “guaranteed minimum income” to “creators” […]

dLocal Stock: Emerging Markets Payments

If you ever land in a new country and don’t know how the local currency is valued, just look for a bottle of Coke in a shop just outside the airport. That price equates to roughly one greenback. Just be careful about what ATMs you use because they’re not all created equally. These days, you […]

Reviewing the ARK Venture Fund Portfolio

Our recent piece on a blockchain-powered VC fund talked about how investing in startups provides exposure that’s not correlated to the movements of the broader stock market. Venture capital as an alternative asset class provides portfolio diversification which reduces risk. For retail investors, that’s been rather problematic because venture funds don’t just take investments from whoever knocks […]