Disruptive Technologies

Why We Only Buy Tech Stocks That Are Unicorns

One problem with mainstream financial pundits is their tendency to ball all risky tech stocks into a single category. That’s not a good way to manage risk. You cannot equate a pre-revenue SPAC with an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) IPO that has double-digit revenue growth coming from some of the biggest companies in the world. In […]

Investing in Disruptive Tech IPOs in 2021

We are fortunate enough to spend most of our waking hours researching some of the most exciting technologies you can imagine. It’s easy to make a case that today’s market is only the start of a multi-decade bull market, the likes of which mankind has never seen before. In 2021 alone, Gartner expects that AI […]

9 Technology Trends You Should Know For 2021

We often tell our MBAs not to try and predict the future. That’s because when you’re right, nobody will notice, but when you’re wrong, critics will crawl out of the woodwork to point out what a moron you are. The best thing to do is take someone else’s predictions and carefully critique them. Then, you’ll […]

Investing in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

The trendy thing to do lately is to use your own personal supercomputer – the one nearly all of us carry – to complain about how broken capitalism is. Never mind all the cell towers that transmit those signals, the constant availability of electricity to power them, or the incredibly dense lithium batteries that store […]