When We Might Consider Buying Some Ether

Anybody who tells you money is the root of all evil doesn’t have any. That line was dropped by Ben Affleck in his iconic Boiler Room speech which epitomizes the alpha male drive for money which characterized investment banking environments at the time. Money may not buy happiness, but there’s a correlation between depression and […]

Why a Bitcoin Crash May Be Imminent

The SEC is not doing their job very well. Back in 2017, we wrote a popular piece titled Why Cannabis Science (CBIS) Should Scare You to Death which was met with a great number of threats and accusations from people who didn’t like the facts we presented and the red flags we raised. Shortly afterwards, […]

About The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF: BLOK

Irrational exuberance was a term coined by Alan Greenspan to describe “the psychological basis of a speculative bubble” where “news of price increases spurs investor enthusiasm, which spreads by psychological contagion.” He coined that term in the bathtub, and first used it publicly about three years before the dot-bomb crash. Bearing that in mind, take […]

Okta Stock Forecast: Growth with a Chance of Dominance

Some disruptive technology themes are more mature than others. Take cybersecurity as an example. Since the days of Norton Antivirus, cybersecurity companies have been hard at work trying to make sure the world’s computers remain secure. Consequently, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cybersecurity stocks. Rather than try to cherry-pick a few winners […]

Argo Blockchain Stock: Buy Bitcoin Instead

Big news across the pond in Yankville for you Brits out there. A copy of the American Constitution was being auctioned off at Sotheby’s, and a group of attention seekers crypto thought leaders decided to pull together funds to buy it. That’s right. ConstitutionDAO crowdfunded upwards of 40 million USD (about 29.6 million quid) to […]

Informatica Stock: Same Same, But Different

The finance industry can be as fascinating as it is boring. A prop trader in Canary Wharf will have a very different experience in the finance industry than a back-office manager in Mumbai. Peel back the layers of the finance onion and you’ll come across many innovative methods of making a living, some getting less […]

GitLab Stock: An Overvalued DevOps Pure Play

There’s a general understanding that a company’s brand contributes to the success of an initial public offering (IPO) and afterwards by providing a population of people who invest in the stock because they believe in the brand. That’s according to a leading marketing research firm which says strong brands result in “consistently higher share prices […]

Helium Coin is Not a Stock. So What is HNT?

In today’s era of 140 characters or less, people think a single-sentence critique is a sufficient way to challenge someone else’s thesis. “Boy, that didn’t age well,” they’ll say. If they completely disagree with everything you said, you’ll get a similar intellectually lazy response. “You’re gaslighting everyone,” or the classic “okay boomer.” The latter happens […]

Why Archer Materials Stock Should Be Avoided

Want to know the easiest way to make $100,000? Take a million dollars and invest it in any mining company that’s decided to pivot into the latest exciting technology theme. It’s almost a rite of passage for newbie retail investors to view such ventures as “a possible ten bagger.” They’re only parroting whatever drivel it […]

Rigetti Computing Stock: A Pure-Play on Quantum Computing

There’s been an increased amount of talk lately around what the media has coined “The Great Resignation.” People just don’t want to work anymore because they demand more from their employers. There’s talk about how 40 hours a week is just too much. It’s people of this ilk who are against meritocracies because they want […]