Why Are Quantum Computing Stocks Falling?

Companies can grow organically and inorganically. The former involves internally developing technology, intellectual property, products, etc., and building the business with in-house talent. Conversely, inorganic growth often refers to acquiring or merging with another company, which can be a high-risk, high-reward move. In this context, the spurt in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) until recently […]

The Chances of Twitter Surviving Elon Musk

Elon Musk should stick to building rockets and electric cars. A lot of people have been saying that lately, and they’re right. After reducing the cost of transporting goods to space by 90%, and building the most popular electric car on this planet without spending a dime on advertising, he probably should stick to his […]

CrowdStrike Vs Zscaler: Which Stock is Better?

Investors usually compare two stocks because they’re holding one or thinking about it. Usually, the stocks in question have some obvious relationship. You wouldn’t try to compare Protolabs to Procter & Gamble (P&G) because the two firms have nothing in common. However, you might compare P&G to IBM because they’re both dividend-growth stocks. You might […]

CrowdStrike Stock – What’s a Fair Valuation?

Bear markets should be celebrated as opportunities to purchase quality growth assets at a significant discount. It’s also a time when companies with subpar business models come under scrutiny. Selling promises of future growth becomes very difficult which is why special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have come crumbling down with more than 40 of the […]

Is PagerDuty Stock a Good SaaS Stock?

Successful technologists understand that the ability to learn new domains is as equally important as having subject matter expertise in a single domain. Breadth is as important as depth. Competent software engineers can often move around laterally within an organization because of their ability to learn. They can also move upwards while still maintaining technical […]

Roku Stock: Investing in the Leading OS for Smart TVs

We could blame the current market downturn, especially in tech stocks, on a lot of things. SPACs. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Rona and supply chain issues. Inflation. But we prefer to make Lenin-look-alike Jim Cramer our scapegoat. The list of controversies surrounding this former hedge fund manager makes up the bulk of his Wikipedia […]

A Twilio Stock Analysis: It’s Complicated

Gene editing is a great example of an extremely difficult concept that’s easy to understand. The recipe of life is DNA. Changing the recipe of life allows you to fix defects or create new and exciting things. Understanding the technical details of how that happens isn’t necessary to understand the value proposition, and screening the […]

Shopify Stock: A Bargain Basement Valuation?

Earnings six figures while working four hours a week from anywhere is a common promise made to naïve dreamers who think such a thing is purchasable. Just plunk down $299.99 for the PDF guide and avail yourself of financial independence. That appeal was often made by those who peddled dropshipping as the quickest way to […]

MongoDB Stock: More Metrics Needed for Investors

Wherever there are competing software solutions, you’ll find loyal tribes. Engineers are technically competent, so they’ll usually articulate their arguments in a convincing matter. Linux is obviously better than Windows, Apple is the best platform known to man, NoSQL will never displace SQL, and the list goes on. Debating the technical merits of competing technologies […]

Investing in the Explosive Growth of Unstructured Data

Elon Musk suggested that today’s polarized societies can be brought together by finding a common interest. Exploration of the universe is one suggestion he makes which implies that our media outlets ought to glamorize the sciences a bit more. It’s great Rhianna looks “stunning” as she waddles around New Yawk City with her weed-smoking gun-toting […]