Rigetti Computing Stock: A Risky Bet on Quantum Computing

The value of something is simply what others are willing to pay for it. Value stocks represent cash-generating assets that grow slowly over time, while growth stocks promise rapid growth into the future. Lately, the value of future growth has been falling. With interest rates rising, the value of a dollar today is becoming more […]

Coinbase Stock and the Get-Rich-Quick Mentality

A large number of young Americans believe there’s some elusive shortcut to wealth. The cause could be any number of reasons – Hollywood drivel that’s peddled as entertainment, the 15-second TikTok attention span, or today’s financial pundit touting ten stocks under $10 – whatever the cause might be, the snake oil salespeople of crypto have […]

Qt Group Stock: Software for Embedded Devices

Detectives spend most their time figuring out who didn’t commit a crime by vetting a long list of potential suspects. We spend most our time figuring out what not to write about. Ideas pour in from all directions. Public relations firms are constantly trying to send us “pitches,” as if we need more possible topics. […]

How Okta Was Hacked and What That Means for the Stock

Some alarming news this past week on Thirsty Thursday. No, we’re not talking about that hard-hitting HuffPo piece exploring Amy Schumer’s secret hair pulling disorder, something we suspect stems from her inability to do standup comedy without mentioning her private parts. The news was much more dire than that, at least for shareholders of Okta […]

D-Wave Stock Finally Goes Public: What a Letdown

Imagine a cake that you were instructed to cut by an individual who would then choose which piece to take. Cutting the cake squarely down the middle would be the only way to ensure you received your fair share. Now, imagine you were cutting the cake for multiple individuals with different preferences – size of […]

Core Scientific: Just Another Bitcoin Mining Stock?

Our recently launched YouTube channel has brought around a contingent of punters who are dumbstruck to find someone casting a critical eye on their “next Tesla.” Few can formulate an argument based on facts, so they opt to attack the messenger instead. One accusation is that we always assume investors are uninformed. Since half of […]

What You’re Investing in With Coinbase Stock

Bitcoin miners are going to be up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle if the Web 3.0 community decides that conserving the electricity used to mine bitcoins is more important than the joys of decentralized finance. That’s the direction Ethereum 2.0 is going, so nothing says bitcoin couldn’t make the same move. It takes about $12,500 […]

When We Might Consider Buying Some Ether

Anybody who tells you money is the root of all evil doesn’t have any. That line was dropped by Ben Affleck in his iconic Boiler Room speech which epitomizes the alpha male drive for money which characterized investment banking environments at the time. Money may not buy happiness, but there’s a correlation between depression and […]

Why a Bitcoin Crash May Be Imminent

The SEC is not doing their job very well. Back in 2017, we wrote a popular piece titled Why Cannabis Science (CBIS) Should Scare You to Death which was met with a great number of threats and accusations from people who didn’t like the facts we presented and the red flags we raised. Shortly afterwards, […]

About The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF: BLOK

Irrational exuberance was a term coined by Alan Greenspan to describe “the psychological basis of a speculative bubble” where “news of price increases spurs investor enthusiasm, which spreads by psychological contagion.” He coined that term in the bathtub, and first used it publicly about three years before the dot-bomb crash. Bearing that in mind, take […]