Altair Engineering Stock: An Information Problem

All content we produce at Nanalyze assumes the reader needs no technical background of any kind to understand it. We’ve opted to categorize our tech stock catalog in a similar fashion with three possible classifications for any given stock – love, like, or avoid. If we love a stock, that means we’re holding it. We […]

Bitcoin is Crashing and Burning: What Next?

Web 3.0 is turning out to be an absolute mess. Someone named otterooo (that’s all anyone knows about him) is on Twitter accusing a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in over 200 countries, KuCoin, of being insolvent. In response, the CEO is posting on the company blog his conversations with otterooo (translated from Mandarin) along with […]

What’s a Fair Valuation for Snowflake Stock?

Warren Buffet once said, “it’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” This suggests that quality companies don’t often trade at a discount. Mr. Buffet also said that technology stocks aren’t on his radar because he only invests in what he understands, so […]

Pure Storage Stock: A Big Data Pure Play

When Mr. Musk says there’s a one in a million chance we’re not in a simulation, it’s worth pondering the idea a bit. Let’s assume we’re not in a simulation and we keep designing better and better alternative realities. We’re actively doing that, and it’s called “the metaverse.” We’ll obviously make the metaverse better than […]

Investing in Data Storage Hardware Stocks

Once you’ve used a solid-state drive (SSD) you’ll never go back. Those who know the difference between a hard drive and random-access memory (RAM) would easily understand why. An SSD is essentially a hard drive made of RAM, so it’s lightning-fast and constantly available. Booting up becomes a thing of the past because there are […]

Investing in Big Data with Data Center REITs

Andrew Carnegie once said that 90% of millionaires have achieved their wealth through owning realty. Americans better hope that’s the case, because the lower the income of a homeowning household, the greater the share of its wealth coming from homeownership. According to the historical Survey of Consumer Finances data, that pattern has remained consistent over […]

Rigetti Computing Stock: A Risky Bet on Quantum Computing

The value of something is simply what others are willing to pay for it. Value stocks represent cash-generating assets that grow slowly over time, while growth stocks promise rapid growth into the future. Lately, the value of future growth has been falling. With interest rates rising, the value of a dollar today is becoming more […]

Coinbase Stock and the Get-Rich-Quick Mentality

A large number of young Americans believe there’s some elusive shortcut to wealth. The cause could be any number of reasons – Hollywood drivel that’s peddled as entertainment, the 15-second TikTok attention span, or today’s financial pundit touting ten stocks under $10 – whatever the cause might be, the snake oil salespeople of crypto have […]

Qt Group Stock: Software for Embedded Devices

Detectives spend most their time figuring out who didn’t commit a crime by vetting a long list of potential suspects. We spend most our time figuring out what not to write about. Ideas pour in from all directions. Public relations firms are constantly trying to send us “pitches,” as if we need more possible topics. […]

How Okta Was Hacked and What That Means for the Stock

Some alarming news this past week on Thirsty Thursday. No, we’re not talking about that hard-hitting HuffPo piece exploring Amy Schumer’s secret hair pulling disorder, something we suspect stems from her inability to do standup comedy without mentioning her private parts. The news was much more dire than that, at least for shareholders of Okta […]