GTI Stock vs Curaleaf Stock: And the Winner Is?

The Johari Window model is a psychological framework used to help people better understand how other people perceive them. You may think you know yourself, but you probably don’t. That’s your true self, and most people don’t really know their true selves. Maybe other people see that true self, or maybe you put on a […]

Trulieve Stock: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We don’t just cover cannabis because we consume loads of the stuff in all forms. Our first piece on the topic – No to Marijuana Stocks, Yes to Weed Investing – was published in 2016 to warn investors about all the over-the-counter (OTC) junk stocks attaching themselves to the cannabis thesis like leeches. Our attempt […]

Is it Finally Time to Invest in U.S. Cannabis Stocks?

Dabbling in drugs when you travel is playing with fire unless you can properly read the room. Take Barbados as an example, an island country with 250,000 people that we recently visited to cover the country’s independence sneak into the press box to drink Mount Gay and ogle Rhianna. Walking the main beach in town […]

Leafly Stock: Will it Become the Amazon of Weed?

Once upon a time, cannabis was part of the counterculture and not a target of venture capitalists. Cheech and Chong, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, and High Times represented the extent of its media reach through the 1960s and into the 1980s. Today, Cheech is one of a number of ganjapreneurs, while the Freak Brothers […]

How to Buy Stock in American Cannabis Companies

Thematic investing always involves a key decision – stock pick, hold an ETF, or do both. Sometimes, there aren’t enough quality pure-play companies to build an ETF with, like the space theme. Sometimes there are far too many good companies to choose from, as is the case with the cybersecurity theme. And sometimes you have […]

Akerna Stock – A Risky Play on Cannabis Compliance

While we’ve written extensively about cannabis stocks over the years, we’ve only briefly dabbled in them. There’s just too much risk, too much hype, too much volatility, and too many other exciting technology themes we’d rather invest in. Experts in the cannabis space advise that one way to reduce regulatory risk is by investing in […]

4 Hydroponics Stocks for Indoor Farming Investors

It’s exceedingly difficult to find insightful research these days, particularly for investment themes that are popular amongst the status quo. For example, everyone has an opinion about cryptocurrencies. If they don’t, someone will be giving them one soon enough. Real insights become diluted by drivel, and the fracas masks the con men coming out of […]

ATAI Life Sciences Stock – A Psychedelic IP Powerhouse

While the idea sounds good on paper, publicly traded venture capital firms haven’t impressed Wall Street over the years. The original nano VC stock, Harris & Harris Group (now 180 Degree Capital Corp), hasn’t done much and still languishes to this day. There are plenty of names across the pond like IP Group and Trendlines […]

Investing in Psychedelics with MindMed Stock

It was the late Robin Williams who once said, “Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs.” What D.A.R.E. didn’t tell kids was how much fun drugs can be. If approached with a certain degree of responsibility, some universal truths start to emerge. Heroin is deadly and best avoided entirely. Cannabis is […]

The Biggest Marijuana Companies In The World

There are certain basic principles they teach you at business school in exchange for that six-figure price tag. The number one goal for any business is to survive. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) generally don’t add value. And economies of scale are what help larger companies steamroll the competition. Shares of large companies generally have lower […]