Augmented/Virtual Reality

4 Eye-Tracking Stocks for Driver Monitoring Systems

Some technologies always seem like they’re at least (or forever) 10 years away from significant commercialization. Advanced nuclear technology and fusion energy are a couple that immediately come to mind. We’ve pretty much given up on investing in graphene. On the other hand, autonomous vehicles are on the road today. That’s one reason why retail […]

An Annual Checkup for Confluent Stock

Checking in with stocks once a year eliminates lots of the noise found in quarterly results. It’s also long enough so that you only remember the most basic reasons why you made the investment in the first place. We invested in Confluent (CFLT) because the future of big data will be firms analyzing it in […]

Checking in With Digital Transformation Stock Matterport

A few days ago, we wrote about bargain hunting for software-as-a–service (SaaS) stocks. The piece was partly about finding value in legacy software companies making the transition to a SaaS business model. In the article, we used PTC Corporation (PTC), a software company that specializes in building design software that has expanded into IoT and […]

Meta Stock and The Metaverse Thesis

“You know who” had a meeting with his fellow Twitter employees in which he talked about how advertising return on investment (ROI) doesn’t need to be provided in bull markets. Just throw money at any old influencer and who cares what sticks. These days, media companies need to show they’re effective at showing an ROI […]

Is Epic Games a Threat to Unity Software Stock?

Once upon a time, but not so long ago, Nanalyze covered tons of tech startups. We published dozens of lists, from the top AI startups in the United Arab Emirates (of all places) to some of the first synthetic biology startups making fake food (and now being sold in fast-food places). Starting around 2017, some […]

Roblox Stock: Falling Bookings Raise Concerns

Conviction is a critically important virtue of an effective leader. You must believe what you say when you say it. There’s no room for misinterpretation when you’re commanding the troops. This same principle extends to the investing world. We often make fun of the term “cautious optimism” because it epitomizes how many pundits are afraid […]

Unity to Acquire ironSource: Good News or Bad?

The epitome of a first-world problem is complaining that the supercomputer that’s constantly by your side – the one mostly used to read inane drivel on social media or play games – doesn’t stay charged long enough. All that cheap constantly available electricity available everywhere doesn’t stay in that incredibly engineered compact lithium battery long […]

Unity Software Stock Plummets. Is it a Buy Now?

There’s an old saying the Americans have which goes something like this. Take a number two or get out of the loo. It’s about being decisive and acting with conviction. In the world of investing, this becomes critically important. When a stock you’re holding falls and your thesis hasn’t changed, you add more shares if […]

Unity Technologies Stock: A Pure Play on the Metaverse

Some people binge-watch TV series. We binge-watch movie trailers, because we generally don’t have the time to devote to a season’s worth of episodes or Oscar-contending films, but we don’t want to exist entirely in a pop culture vacuum. As you might expect from geeky MBAs who cover emerging technologies, our sweet spot is science […]

How to Invest in the Metaverse Minus the Hype

Think about a virtual world that’s so real you wouldn’t know it’s a virtual reality. Maybe we’re living in such a world already, and that’s called the simulation hypothesis. If you’re in a simulation, and you create another simulation, then you have nested simulations. Elon Musk believes there’s a one in a million chance we’re […]