Artificial Intelligence

Schrödinger Stock: Drug Discovery Platform Making Money

Tired of reading about ChatGPT? Us, too. The hand wringing over of how artificial intelligence is going to put writers and artists, among many other white-collar criminals, out of a job is missing the point. The power of generative AI, the particular kind of machine-learning technique behind ChatGPT, has yet to be tapped. The big […]

Pondering Palantir’s Political Positioning

We invest in companies, not stocks. That’s easier said than done, as there’s always a temptation to focus on what a stock price has been doing lately. The recent AI hype spurred by ChatGPT sent shares of C3 (AI) soaring. As shareholders, we’re not happy about that, because C3’s share price is now disassociated with […]

SoundHound Stock Rides the AI Hype Train

One of the biggest moments to date in the evolution of artificial intelligence came in November 2022 when OpenAI, an AI research organization co-founded by Elon Musk to stop the machine apocalypse, released a conversational chatbot that many believe will start the machine apocalypse. ChatGPT is probably the closest we’ve come to the holy grail […]

Accolade Stock: An Employer Telehealth Platform

Remember when a few years ago Amazon announced it would revolutionize healthcare, partnering with heavyweights Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan? The idea was to experiment with their own employees and eventually roll out some high-tech-enabled platform to other employers. Using big data, AI algorithms, and various telehealth services, Amazon promised to improve primary and urgent […]

Alteryx Stock: AI Growth Stock for Big Data Analytics

We keep waiting for the big brains in tech to create an artificial intelligence that will either enrich our lives beyond imagination or enslave humanity until the end of time. During the interim, we have to settle for news like this: Meta (née Facebook) just released a new AI system that lets people turn text […]

Ambarella Stock: Pivoting Towards Computer Vision

There’s an ongoing debate about the optimal way for computers to see the world as humans can. Computer vision proposes that computers will digest a video stream in the same way our eyes do and react accordingly. LiDAR proposes that computers see using a form of radar that also supports night vision. Both methods will […]

Relay Therapeutics Stock: Pure Play on AI Drug Discovery

A few years ago, we wrote an article about how computational chemistry is merging with artificial intelligence technologies to speed up drug discovery. Computational chemistry is a scientific field that uses computer simulations to help solve chemical problems. A related field is computational biology, which uses similar techniques to answer complex questions about biology. Add […]

Can Exscientia Stock Win the AI Drug Discovery Race? 

One of the biggest breakthroughs in healthcare came out in 2021. No, we’re not talking about the covid vaccine. DeepMind, the UK-based AI laboratory owned by Alphabet, released the source code for AlphaFold2. This potential Nobel-winning piece of software can now predict the three-dimensional structure of nearly all proteins, the molecular machines that underpin every […]

Will Zoom Stock Hit $1,500 a Share by 2026?

One of our core mantras at Nanalyze is that if 95% of professional investment managers can’t beat a broad market benchmark, it’s highly, highly unlikely that an all-night session of LMGTFY will lead you to the next Microsoft or Google. Indeed, a recent study that looked at the performance of more than 64,000 global stocks […]

Qualtrics Stock Uses AI for Experience Management

Have you ever noticed that you can go years without hearing a particular word or name, but then suddenly it keeps popping up in uncanny ways? Lately, for us, it’s been SAP (SAP). No, we’re not talking about saps, as in Fools, but the world’s third-largest software company by revenue. Software developed by the $100 […]