Workplace Monitoring

7 Employee Productivity Tracking Solutions

If you work in a white-collar role – that is, you shower before work instead of afterwards – then you’re probably familiar with that person in the office that nobody can stand but everyone pretends to like. Let’s call her Sharlene. She waltzes in at around 10:15 in the morning, skim milk latte in hand, and […]

Monitoring Workplace Internet Usage with AI

We often joke about corporate slavery here at Nanalyze, but the truth is that if you’re fortunate enough to be employed at a job that involves sitting in front of a computer all day, you have a pretty easy life compared to the majority of people on this planet. In fact, a fair number of you would […]

The Future of Workplace Monitoring is Shocking

Maybe the biggest scam ever perpetuated in today’s modern age is to convince us to do something we would rather not be doing for 30% of our lives in exchange for a giant house full of space we don’t really need, a car that we use 5% of the time, and a 401K that will likely […]