Volumetric 3D Scanning

Startup Offers Volumetric Video and 3D Scan with Phone

Tourists who are after an Augmented Reality (AR) experience in New Orleans can usually be found staggering the streets of the French Quarter, clutching “go cups” filled with fluorescent-colored Hurricanes and Hand Grenades. But just 20 minutes away, in a more sober corner of the city, a scrappy little startup called Scandy is developing 3D […]

Scan Yourself into Virtual Reality Games and Movies

We’ve previously talked about all the popular virtual reality headsets on the market today, some of the virtual reality content companies that are looking to create VR experiences, and even talked about how real-time virtual reality is the ultimate endgame. Behind all these VR companies, there is a wealth of new, innovative technologies being developed, including one that […]