Voice Recognition

SoundHound Stock: An AI Voice Assistant for Everything

Let’s talk about AI voice assistants. So far, Siri, Alexa, and company represent decades of development of conversational intelligence technologies, particularly in what’s called natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU). Yet it’s all still extremely crude, and the algorithms remain a poor substitute for human grey matter. In fact, giving them the […]

9 AI Healthcare Startups Deploying Virtual Assistants

Some people watch beauty contests. We study lists that rank the smartest digital assistants. Googlers will rejoice to know that Google Assistant is the brainiest of the bunch. That’s according to a couple of different studies that came out at the end of last year, including one by a Minneapolis-based venture capital firm. It’s been […]

McDonald’s Embraces Artificial Intelligence for Fast Food

By now you’ve seen the big news about the world’s largest fast-food chain by revenue. It was a bit shocking that it took this long to happen, but McDonald’s (MCD) is finally embracing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to boost sales. The guy credited with the turnaround at the 65-year-old restaurant behemoth since 2015, Steve […]

Pindrop – Voice Authentication and Voice Verification

Voice authentication and voice verification methods may have some obvious use cases – when you call your bank for example – but there is a far more important need for such solutions. That’s because there’s an interesting scam going around these days which targets the elderly. Here’s how it works. First, the scammer looks for […]

13 Startups Transcribing Voice to Text Using AI

Transcribing voice or video recordings to text doesn’t require too much “subject matter expertise” as they say. Anyone with a decent grasp of grammar and a mediocre understanding of the source material can do transcribing. Transcribing or transcription simply means changing the “format” of information from one medium to another – like “voice to text”. It may […]

Viv Uses Deep Learning to Teach Computers How to Learn

We’ve talked before about voice recognition software and even wrote an entire article using the Nuance (NASDAQ:NUAN) voice recognition software as a sort of experiment to see just how far voice recognition has come along. We weren’t blown away by the experience but we could see that voice recognition has come a long way. However, […]

Nuance (NUAN) – A World Leader in Voice Recognition

With many early-stage disruptive technologies, it’s tough for retail investors to find pure-play stocks to invest in. They can either wait for IPOs, or just buy shares of Google and pretty much invest in every technology known to man. Voice recognition is a disruptive technology that isn’t exactly early stage, but the applications for it are […]

Reviewing the World’s Best Voice Recognition Software

A big part of artificial intelligence technology is the area of natural language processing or an LP NLP. Take for example the now popular personal assistant applications like Amazon Echo or apples sire I Apple Siri. These tools are made possible by a subset of natural language processing called natural language understanding. Speech to text software, otherwise […]