Virtual Reality Headset

7 AR/VR Hardware Startups That Took Funding in 2019

If hardware is hard, as the saying goes, then it must really suck if you’re a company doing hardware for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. Just like we first believed that everyone would have a desktop 3D printer in his or her home, we assumed AR/VR devices would be as ubiquitous as […]

8 New Virtual Reality Headsets Coming Soon

We tried virtual reality for the first time last year and needless to say, we can’t get over just how amazing the whole experience was. We picked up an Oculus for a family Christmas present and it wasn’t cheap. The question is, should we buy an HTC Vive for personal use, one of the Chinese knock-offs, or […]

Is HTC Corp Becoming a Virtual Reality Stock?

This past Christmas, we splashed out on an Oculus virtual reality headset for the fam and when we finally got to experience virtual reality, it was seriously mind blowing. While content for VR headsets is being developed rather slowly and the whole thing feels a bit buggy, we came away from that experience convinced that in the […]

Buying a Virtual Reality Headset Gift for Christmas

There is so much exciting stuff going on in the world of virtual reality that we can’t write about it fast enough, but, we also have to do our Christmas shopping like everyone else. What’s one to do but kill two birds with one stone and turn our Christmas shopping task into an insightful article […]