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7 AR/VR Hardware Startups That Took Funding in 2019

If hardware is hard, as the saying goes, then it must really suck if you’re a company doing hardware for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. Just like we first believed that everyone would have a desktop 3D printer in his or her home, we assumed AR/VR devices would be as ubiquitous as […]

9 Virtual Reality Startups Taking VR Mainstream

The state of virtual reality (VR) seems to be in a state of confusion at the moment. When we first tried VR, we were simply blown away by the whole experience. Surely a VR headset will become a common fixture in living rooms like the television or the three-foot ceramic bong. Alas, things seem to […]

Unity Technologies – The World’s Leading Game Engine

When you first step into a virtual reality (VR) experience, one of the most interesting things is the ability to look around in a virtual world interactively. When a video game character is standing in front of you, peering around them to check out their backpack will elicit a giggle and a feeling of thrill […]

6 Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences

If you want to really feel what virtual reality (VR) is like, you can’t do it with one of those cheap imitations for $99 or less. You need to throw down some dollars and get yourself an Oculus or a Rift and take it for a spin. Sure, it’s not that user friendly yet. When we […]

A Simulated Reality is Not as Improbable as You Think

Among the long dyed beards and tight skinny jeans of Silicon Valley, you’ll also find a different way of thinking that isn’t just about waving signs around outside your office because you don’t like what’s going on in politics. There’s a much deeper vein of thought that is best summed up by the words of Elon […]

Virtual Reality Movies Coming to a VR Headset Near You?

Remember Jaws III in 3D? It was supposed to be the next big thing in film entertainment, reviving the 1950s “golden age” of 3D cinema. And then it sucked, despite starring Louis Gossett Jr., and 3D technology and filmmaking dropped off as your feature presentation, mostly relegated to IMAX documentaries. It took about 25 years […]

Buying a Virtual Reality Headset Gift for Christmas

There is so much exciting stuff going on in the world of virtual reality that we can’t write about it fast enough, but, we also have to do our Christmas shopping like everyone else. What’s one to do but kill two birds with one stone and turn our Christmas shopping task into an insightful article […]

6 Virtual Reality Gaming Companies to Watch 

We’ve talked before about how augmented reality (AR) may be the biggest investment opportunity ever, and that’s mainly because it involves so many practical uses when compared to virtual reality. Sure, Pokémon Go put augmented reality on the map and it was a game, but the real value in AR comes when we start overlaying […]

6 Virtual Reality Content Companies to Watch

We previously talked about 6 hot virtual reality (VR) startups, and what became apparent is that VR is going nowhere fast without virtual reality content. With Microsoft the latest company to invest its billions in virtual reality with its $300 headsets launching from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Ace launch in spring 2017, next year is shaping […]