Universal Flu Vaccine

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Thesis

If you were only allowed to invest your money in one stock, you wouldn’t be criticized by many for choosing Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). No matter what happens, we’ll always need healthcare products and services. The company’s revenues are diversified by geography and business line, providing the sort of consistency that’s led them to 36 […]

Moderna and the Coronavirus Vaccine Thesis

It’s on the cover of every magazine, on the headline of every newspaper. People can’t stop talking about it, and frankly, we’re getting sick and tired of hearing about it. That’s right, we’re talking, of course, about The Bachelor’s wild finale yesterday, where Peter’s love triangle turned into a messy happily ever after. Absolutely riveting stuff, but […]

Universal Flu Vaccine: Can Biotech Companies Deliver?

We love animals here at Nanalyze. We once considered doling out a few hundred dollars for the 30-second opportunity to hold a panda in China, but then figured the money would be better spent on visiting cannabis clubs in Europe. But you know what animal we won’t touch? A squirrel. Why? Those little buggers carry […]