6 Blood Testing Startups to be the Next Theranos

It’s not easy to make it in today’s business world. Why do you think we have so many MBAs writing for us? The chance of becoming the next Uber or next Apple is infinitesimally small. Anecdotally, we all understand that most startups fail, but the bright minds at CB Insights finally started putting some hard […]

Is HealthTell Just More Bad News for Theranos?

Less than a year ago, we wrote an article about Theranos titled “5 Reasons Why Theranos Could IPO Soon“. One of those reasons was that since it had been over 5 years since taking in their last funding round, firms who had invested $800 million into the most highly valued healthcare startup in the world valued […]

5 Reasons Why Theranos Could IPO Soon

The term “unicorn” is often bandied about in the venture capital community and refers to a privately held startup company that has reached a $1 billion valuation. The biggest unicorn in the meadow today happens to be Xiamoi, the hardware company that backed Ninebot and which has managed to achieve a valuation of 46 unicorns […]