The Global AI Race

The Biggest Artificial Intelligence Startup in the World

The term unicorn was coined to reference a startup that exceeds a valuation of $1 billion. When we talk about valuation, we’re referring to the value that the firm’s last investment round was raised at. Typically, the value of a firm goes up with each new investment round. If the value goes down, it’s called a […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Poland

As the largest eastern member of the European Union (EU) by population, Poland houses 38 million people in an area roughly the size of New Mexico. Following the end of the Communist era in 1990, the country rapidly transitioned to a free market economy that is now one of the most robust in Central Europe and the only country in […]

Some of the Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

We’re into our second year of publishing a “Global AI Race” series of articles on artificial intelligence startups from around the world and it continues to pose a challenge. We use an objective measure of “total funding taken in so far” and that excludes any firms that choose not to disclose funding or are bootstrapped. […]

9 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Lebanon

With roughly the same population as the State of Missouri, Lebanon is a small country of six million people that borders Syria and Israel. Due to its location, the country has been subjected to a multitude of political and religious factions inhabiting the state. People frequently fight over whose invisible friend is better, and the […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Spain

The Spanish term “mañana, mañana” is all about putting off what you should be doing now in favor of something more fun – like smoking cannabis and getting nude in public – both of which are legal in Spain. Unrelated to the country’s lackadaisical outlook on life, the economy suffered for almost a decade after the 2008 collapse […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Singapore

Contrary to what many Americans will try to tell you, Singapore is not a city in China, lah. It’s an island city-state off southern Malaysia that is not only a wealthy high-tech manufacturing hub with the seventh-highest GDP per capita in the world, but it’s also home to the 12th largest startup ecosystem in the world. Thanks to government incentives and […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in the Netherlands

Most people know the Netherlands (or Amsterdam as the Americans call it) as a place where you can find good techno music, legal weed, and a liberal attitude towards sex. Others think about windmills, tulips, and bikes. It’s a lesser known fact that this small country (it actually has a smaller population than New Yawk […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is a peculiar mix of tradition and modernity. Nowhere else in the world can one see centuries-old shrines sitting comfortably next to high tech skyscrapers in such harmony. Nowhere in the world does the airport ground crew stop what they’re doing so they can wave goodbye to departing planes until […]

The State of Artificial Intelligence in China

There is a really interesting concept in psychology called the Johari Window and it suggests that we rarely see ourselves as we actually are. Not only that, but we think other people see us differently than they do. Maybe you’re not as charming as you think you are. Maybe that laughter after you told a […]

Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Italy

Italy is a country of beautiful chaos. Home to some of the world’s best fashion, cars, and food, the country has been a symbol of joie de vivre for centuries. It is also a country steeped in tradition, with a traditional family model and strong roots in Christianity. Her fun-loving people are known for having a […]