Synthetic Biology

A Few Updates on the Progress of Gene Editing

Whenever an exciting technology comes along, people want to invest in it. Even if those people have never put a single red penny into the stock market, they will suddenly start buying stocks with no regard towards the basic principles of prudent investing like diversifying your holdings and not investing in over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. To […]

Genetic Circuit Engineering with Gene Editing

The human body is an amazing machine. Think about all of the cellular programming that went into making you, starting with a single cell. Also, notice how when we talk about biology these days we draw the inevitable analogy with computers and machines. Artificial intelligence is one obvious example, as artificial neural networks attempt to […]

Synlogic Becomes a Synthetic Biology Stock

One downside of having to show up at 8:00 AM every morning to kick off your cushy finance job is all the new language you need to start using. We’re talking about corporate neologisms that try and soften the blow of certain “touchy” terms. Take for example the newly coined term “RIF” which stands for […]

WTF Happened to Synthetic Biology Stocks?

When we’re asked to describe what Nanalyze is about, we often use the following example. Your dad is sitting on the couch watching a 60-minute special on gene editing. When the show concludes, he believes that gene editing is the most amazing thing he’s ever heard of and he wants to invest in it. He […]

5 Synthetic Biology Startups Making ‘Fake’ Food

About 150 million steers, pigs and sheep were slaughtered in the United States in 2016. About 8.5 billion chickens are roasted, fried and fricasseed each year, not to mention 100 billion eggs consumed. And Americans drink about 20 gallons of milk per year. In other words, our diets still rely heavily on food products from […]

Meet 7 Startups Creating Lab-Grown Meat

We cover a ton of disruptive technologies here at Nanalyze so that our readers understand what’s out there that may be worth investing in as opportunities present themselves. The hope is that we learn something cool and make a few bucks in the process. It also doesn’t hurt that much of the emerging tech may […]

GMO vs Gene Editing vs Genetic Engineering

If you had to come up with a short list for the greatest advancements in technology that have been made in the last decade, you’d be hard pressed to place anything in front of the progress we’ve made in the world of genetics. For most of us, it’s been decades years since we took Biology 101 […]

How to Indirectly Invest in Synthetic Genomics Stock

One of the biggest themes we see here at Nanalyze is a strong interest from retail investors to invest in exciting emerging technology startups. Take a look at any exciting startup like Synthetic Genomics and you will see the most popular searches are “synthetic genomics stock” or “synthetic genomics ticker”. While we’ve given you at least several ways […]

What is Biochemistry and Why it Matters

If you’re a regular reader of Nanalyze, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the work that Bryan Johnson of Kernel is doing, essentially trying to enable read/write access to the brain. In one of his interviews, he remarks that ever since we first booted up a cell with human engineered DNA, we entered a new […]