Stem Cells

The Top 10 Companies Working to Increase Longevity

The core of what we do at Nanalyze is to tell our readers all they need to know about investing in emerging technologies. Sometimes that story is much, much bigger, and what we’re really talking about is investing in emerging industries. NewSpace is one example, launching about 15 years ago with the emergence of companies […]

When Will There Ever Be a Cure for Baldness?

Jeff Bezos. John McCain. Patrick Stewart. Despite all their wealth and power, these men and many others suffer from a pandemic, one so insidious and diabolical that it strikes men (and women) of every age, position, and class. That’s right – baldness, a word that brings a tinge of fear to all people of all […]

5 Cord Blood Banking Companies for Investors

We recently explored the world of stem cell transplants, during which we came across a reference to “cord blood banking“. Simply explained, when a baby is born, the umbilical cord contains blood called “cord blood” which is a rich source of powerful stem cells. You can donate your baby’s cord blood to a non-profit cord blood […]

Improving Stem Cell Transplant Success Rates

When it comes to investing in biotech, we know there’s a ton of money to be made, but also a ton of money to be lost. For every Foundation Medicine story there’s a Bind Therapeutics story to accompany it. For exposure to the healthcare sector, we’re happy to hold solid dividend growth investing stocks like […]

Regen Biopharma IPO: Buyer Beware

Around 6 months ago we published an article titled “Big Red Flags from Bio-Matrix and Regen Biopharma“. Any investor who would have sold their shares in Bio-Matrix (OTCMKTS:BMSN) the Monday after our article was published would have been fortunate. Those who did not sell their shares would have lost -61% of their investment as of today. […]

Some Problems With Advanced Cell Technology

In past articles, we have discussed the merits of stem cell research and highlighted companies such as Cellular Dynamics which has a current business model of simply selling fully functioning human stem cells in bulk quantities. One other stem cell company that has garnered some media attention lately is Advanced Cell Technology. About Advanced Cell Technology […]

Big Red Flags from Bio-Matrix and Regen Biopharma

In a previous article warning investors against the dangers of over-the-counter stocks, we highlighted 8 patterns followed by many OTC companies that fail and consequently lose investors a great deal of money. One company we came across recently that ticks almost all of these 8 boxes is Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (OTCMKTS:BMSN) and their majority-owned subsidiary, Regen […]

Growing Windpipes with Harvard Apparatus (HARTV)

In previous posts we discussed companies such as Organovo and EnvisionTec which are developing 3D printers that one day are expected to 3D print human organs. This concept of growing organs is not only feasible through the use of 3D printers but also through bioreactor technology. A company focused on commercializing this type of technology […]

Stem Cell IPO Fate Therapeutics

With a wealth of biotech IPOs in 2013, yet another company stepped to the plate this month. Fate Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of adult stem cell modulators alter the course of rare life-threatening diseases, sometimes known as orphan diseases. They have developed two separate platforms, which focus on activation and optimization of stem […]

Investing in Stem Cells with Cellular Dynamics

In recent articles we discussed the planned IPOs of Foundation Medicine and Bind Therapeutics as well as the less than spectacular IPO debut of Nanostring . Another company which is up over 40% since their IPO just over a month ago is Cellular Dynamics, a player in the disruptive area of stem cells. About Cellular Dynamics Wisconsin based […]