Space Tourism

Why Asteroid Mining Is Closer Than You Think

Space is already a $330 billion industry, but that pales in comparison to the size of a possible asteroid mining industry. Does asteroid mining sound far-fetched? It’s not. We recently watched an interview with Bryan Johnson, founder of brain augmentation startup Kernel. During the interview, Mr. Johnson talked about all the amazing technologies we have […]

Is The International Space Station a Good Investment?

Over the years we’ve heard the press make the occasional mention about space stations and we have to admit, we were really uninformed about space stations in general, in particular the “International Space Station” (or ISS). Firstly, there isn’t just one space station orbiting around our planet. There are actually a total of three space […]

Reusable Rockets from Bezos’ Space Company Blue Origin

Space is the new frontier for successful entrepreneurs who have enough discretionary cash to target this capital intensive niche where lucrative opportunities abound. Startups like Branson’s Oneweb promise internet access for everyone via a massive network of small satellites, while Musk’s SpaceX has already succeeded in delivering cargo to the International Space Station. Another player in the space industry is Jeff Bezos […]

Astrobotic: A Space Robotics Company Eyeing the Xprize

Man first set foot on the moon 46 years ago and since then, it doesn’t seem like we’ve done a whole lot to explore a fascinating destination that’s just 3 days away. Private space travel is becoming the next hot trend in VC investing with private space exploration companies like SpaceX and Rocket Lab already selling payload […]

Rocket Lab: Carbon Fiber Rockets Powered by 3D Printing

We recently wrote about Richard Branson’s OneWeb, a company dedicated to providing everyone in the world with access to the internet via a “satellite constellation”.  The story gets even more exciting when Elon Musk throws his hat into the ring with intentions of creating an even more sophisticated “satellite constellation” with his company SpaceX. While […]

Branson’s OneWeb: Cheap Satellite Internet Anywhere

There’s a new space race that many people don’t know is underway. The primary competitors in this race are two of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world; Elon Musk and Richard Branson. The goal is none other than to provide internet access to everyone on the globe, anywhere. This idea has been explored before […]

When Will We See a SpaceX IPO?

The universe is a massive place. We live on planet earth in a galaxy where there are between 200-400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets. This one galaxy we live in, we call the Milky Way. So how many galaxies are there just like ours? According to the space telescope Hubble, there are an estimated 100 […]