Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic Becomes a Space Tourism Stock

Famed gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson once said we shouldn’t journey through life tiptoeing around everything but rather should reach the end and “skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, Wow what a ride!” It’s not often you get to live that sort of life while also becoming one of the richest […]

What are the Space Planes of the Future?

The announcement earlier this year that the United States would field a sixth military branch, dubbed Space Force, immediately conjured to mind sci-fi dynasties like Buck Rogers or Battlestar Galactica, where hotshot pilots maneuver sporty-looking spaceships against various alien baddies. Unfortunately, if the Earth was attacked tomorrow by intelligent giant insects flying super-fast ships that […]

6 NewSpace Startups Enabling Future Research

In quite a few of the bleaker science fiction worlds, the future is fraught with all sorts of sinister dangers, from invading aliens to varying apocalyptic visions of Easy Rider in the Outback. One of the more common villains is the Company or the Corporation—an all-powerful conglomerate that’s usually up to no good in pursuit […]

7 Space Tourism Experiences for Aspiring Space Tourists

We’re all fascinated by space as children. It’s vast, most of it is unknown and unexplored, and it is far more interesting than the Kardashians (they’re a family of boring individuals with no real accomplishments in life that people on earth idolize and the primary reason aliens aren’t speaking with us). As we grow up, our attention shifts to […]