Solar Utility

Space-Based Solar Power for Energy Transmission

One of the silver linings in the current coronavirus pandemic that is making ESG-investing types particularly happy is the news that Mother Nature is finally getting a breather as the wheels of commerce grind to a halt. Greenhouse gas emissions are way down because no one is going anywhere and factories aren’t producing stuff. Of […]

The World’s Largest Generator of Solar and Wind Power

We’re always blown away by what suddenly makes people want to start investing. Just look at how many people ask us every day how they can “buy marijuana stocks”. It usually starts with some 60-minute segment on an exciting emerging technology after which people start doing Google searches to see how they can buy stocks […]

Can Principal Solar Become A Solar Utility?

In previous articles, we’ve discussed how investors should avoid over-the-counter companies at all costs. With rare exceptions, 99% of the time long term investors who buy into the promises of OTC companies will end up losing their investments in the long run. Whether with malicious intent or not, the management of these companies will often […]