Solar Energy

Solar Power Investment Funds from Wunder Capital

Every day we wake up to light and warmth provided to us by a massive ongoing nuclear explosion which we call the sun. It’s an extremely valuable resource considering the fact that it isn’t going anywhere for millions of years – that is until it consumes earth and kills us all. (This is why NewSpace is a […]

How Much Solar Exposure is there in Tesla Stock?

Solar is in a peculiar position right now. While it’s an incredibly promising segment of the energy sector, short-term outlook is clouded by oversupply, dropping margins and a grim 2017 with governments axing installation incentives and the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. These circumstances have caused investment sentiment to turn bearish in Q4 2016 and […]

Why Has the Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) Underperformed?

In a recent article, we were raving about the incredible growth of the US solar industry over the past year. With a +95% growth in installations mainly driven by photovoltaics (PV), last year was truly record-breaking for solar energy. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, PV is what usually comes to mind when thinking about solar […]

The World’s Largest Generator of Solar and Wind Power

We’re always blown away by what suddenly makes people want to start investing. Just look at how many people ask us every day how they can “buy marijuana stocks”. It usually starts with some 60-minute segment on an exciting emerging technology after which people start doing Google searches to see how they can buy stocks […]

The Incredible Growth of the U.S. Solar Industry

In a recent article titled “The 6 Biggest Solar Startups – Remember Solar?“, we talked about how solar just posted a record-shattering +95% increase in solar installations in 2016 compared to the previous year. If you want to participate in the conversation, there’s a few things you should know… like how there’s now enough solar installed […]

The 6 Biggest Solar Startups – Remember Solar?

Something big and orange has been promising to make the world great again for a while, and people have started to get upset lately because they don’t see it happening. People like us, who question how something so powerful and with such influence around the world hasn’t lived up to our expectations yet. The truth is that […]

How to Invest in Solar Stocks After Hanergy

Up until now, investing in the Guggenheim Solar ETF (NYSEARCA:TAN) seemed like the perfect way to get some diversified pure play exposure to the rapidly growing solar industry. Out of the two ETFs available, TAN seems to be the most liquid and transparent. Then in May of this year, Chinese company Hanergy Thin Film dropped -47% percent […]

Not Much to See at Solarwindow Technologies

In September of 2013, we wrote about a company called New Energy Technologies which claims to be targeting the $4.2 billion potential market for windows that can generate power from the sun. Our findings were anything but promising. What we found was a company with $903 thousand in total assets, 21 patent applications, 4 employees, and no revenues […]

It May Be a Bad Idea to Invest in Solar Power Inc.

Grid parity is what is referred to as solar-generated electricity that is equal to or cheaper than retail electricity prices. According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank, we are already at grid parity in more than half of all countries, and within two years will be at parity in around 80% of countries. This in part […]

Can Principal Solar Become A Solar Utility?

In previous articles, we’ve discussed how investors should avoid over-the-counter companies at all costs. With rare exceptions, 99% of the time long term investors who buy into the promises of OTC companies will end up losing their investments in the long run. Whether with malicious intent or not, the management of these companies will often […]