Smart Parking

10 Smart Building Technologies for Facilities Automation

A lot of our articles on green technology focus on innovations that wean us away from the burning of fossil fuels, whether it’s improving solar fuel efficiency or designing advanced nuclear power plants. But another strategy to lighten the load on mother Earth rather than start packing for Mars is to be more efficient in […]

The Future of The Parking Meter App

We wrote an article recently about 6 companies working on “smart parking” and it looks like smart parking technology will eventually displace a majority of the jobs for parking enforcement officers in developed markets. While smart parking technology is addressing “parking enforcement”, it is also addressing “parking payment methods”. On streets all over the world you will find the […]

6 Companies Working on Smart Parking

While driverless cars may be dominating the headlines these days, there are many far less complex driving problems we can solve using technology. Take parking your car as an example. IBM did a study in which they found that 30 percent of a city’s traffic is caused by drivers searching for a parking spot. Not […]