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Investing in Smart Glass and Windows with View Stock
December 3. 2020. 5 mins read

They say you shouldn’t run a business unless you can describe what it is to...

10 Smart Building Technologies for Facilities Automation
April 29. 2019. 6 mins read

A lot of our articles on green technology focus on innovations that wean us away...

Is Smart Glass a Smart Investment Yet?
March 8. 2017. 7 mins read

Does it seem like everything is becoming smarter? Soon even your toothbrush will have more...

Not Much to See at Solarwindow Technologies
April 24. 2015. 3 mins read

In September of 2013, we wrote about a company called New Energy Technologies which claims to be...

Heliatek Organic Solar Cells Show Promise
October 9. 2013. 2 mins read

In a previous article we discussed the growth opportunity of “building integrated photovoltaics” (BIPV) and...

New Energy Technologies (NENE) Fails to Shine
September 9. 2013. 2 mins read

In a previous article titled “Building Solar Cells with Oxford Photovoltaics” we discussed the 4.2...