Smart Clothes

11 Smart Shoes That Are Digitally Connected

It looks like we’re getting closer to a world like the one portrayed in Back to the Future with smart homes, smart luggage, and smart sports stadiums all becoming a reality. Now, one of the latest fads from the future is smart shoes – the type integrated with high-tech features, not the type you wear to those insufferable workplace “black […]

7 Startups Innovating in Nano Clothing Technologies

We recently took a look at the smart apparel market where we learned that there is more to cutting edge fashion than 3D-printed clothes that make us look like avant-garde statues. Smart, or connected clothing is not just for elite athletes who need every competitive edge, but also your weekend marathon runner who wants to check the degree […]

11 Startups Weaving Smart Clothes for Athletes

While market size estimates are largely as useless as some of the MBAs that produce them, there seems to be a general consensus that the global apparel market is worth about $3 trillion. This means that if the fashion industry was a country, it would rank #10 in terms of GDP globally, even above the UK. […]