Scientific Devices

How Eikon Uses Fluorescence Microscopy for Drug Discovery

Back in the 1670s, a Dutch cloth merchant by the name of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek invented the first microscopic lens to get a better view of his cloth threads. Using his new invention, he discovered the microscopic world of cells, bacteria, and oddly enough, sperm. He singlehandedly became the father of microbiology. While it’s a […]

Nanotronics – Microscopes that use AI and VR

Way back in 2003, the Black Eyed Peas were asking where is the love and George Bush was declaring victory over Saddam Hussein. In the same year, G Dubyah signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act which committed somewhere around $771 million for nanotechnology R&D across 10 federal agencies. This captured the attention […]

An Introduction to Spectrometers and Spectrometry

Technology is largely fascinating, though some fields are more alluring than others. Virtual reality and robotics are pretty easy concepts to understand, while technologies like optogenetics or blockchain are not nearly as accessible to the average layperson. Nonetheless, we like to spend the time it takes to understand them so we can keep our readers up-to-date on what technologies […]

FEIC: Supplying the Picks and Shovels for Nanotechnology

In the 1850s during the time of the gold rush, one businessman realized he could make the same amount of money from the gold boom with far less risk by selling essentials to the miners as opposed to engaging in the risky practice of gold mining like others. Levi Strauss was his name, and went […]