Improving the Sales Process Using Revenue Intelligence

Since just under half our readers hail from around the globe, they may not be familiar with the high-pressure sales tactics used at auto dealerships here in ‘Murica. As soon as you drive up, the salesperson’s goal is to get your car keys so they can “value your trade in.” If that happens, you are […]

The Enterprise Software Salespeople of The Future

If you sell software for a living, odds are you sell business-to-business software (also referred to as enterprise software). It’s a viciously competitive industry because there are billions of dollars you can rake in per year selling your SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to firms by convincing a small pool of decision makers to […]

6 Artificial Intelligence Startups Customizing CRM

Every customer interaction creates an opportunity. Whether for information, sales, help or something else, companies today need to know what their customers want or, more precisely, through artificial intelligence-based customer relations management (CRM), what they want and when they want it. In an article published earlier this year about 8 Artificial Intelligence Startups Improving CRM, we showed […]