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Rocket Lab Launches Into NewSpace Leadership Role

The new space race is no longer about the United States and the Soviet Union going tit for tat in a chest-thumping contest for dominance over the pockmarked rock that orbits our planet. The rapid commercialization of space is witnessing an unprecedented emergence of private companies racing for lucrative government contracts, as well as private […]

Rocket Engines That Might Take Us to Mars

You don’t acquire a geeky obsession about technology like ours without growing up being a science fiction fan. While Star Wars fostered an unhealthy fetish for Carrie Fisher in a skimpy slave outfit, Star Trek probably holds a special place in our tiny little MBA hearts. That’s because Gene Roddenberry’s space opera offered a vision […]

Rocket Lab: Carbon Fiber Rockets Powered by 3D Printing

We recently wrote about Richard Branson’s OneWeb, a company dedicated to providing everyone in the world with access to the internet via a “satellite constellation”.  The story gets even more exciting when Elon Musk throws his hat into the ring with intentions of creating an even more sophisticated “satellite constellation” with his company SpaceX. While […]