ESG Investing – How to Handle AI and Robotics?

Some big news came out yesterday that should make Americans feel horribly embarrassed. You see, someone who is a self-made billionaire said something so incredibly staggering that every single water cooler discussion should have been dominated by this revelation. The fact that Americans can go on about their lives without even discussing what was said is […]

What Jobs will Robots and AI Do in The Future?

If you work in finance these days, things are probably not as exciting as they used to be. Gone are the days of snorting cocaine in strip clubs at 4:00AM on a Tuesday morning. Nowadays you’re more likely to have a late night trying to figure out that elusive bug that’s keeping your trade automation program […]

Future Sports with Robots, Drones and Race Cars

One of the great mysteries of the 21st century is why the heck the Transformers franchise has lasted so long, especially when it once starred Shia LeBeouf. The answer, of course, is really quite simple: It features giant robots smashing each other to smithereens. Not exactly a box office smash, the movie “Real Steel” was […]

How to Invest in Robots and Robotics Stocks

The hype surrounding the robotics industry continues to grow as we see more and more interest from retail investors in robots and robotics stocks. Robots are already changing the global labor market and, as time goes by, will have a direct effect on our livelihoods. Besides the fact that we are happy to see household helpers taking […]

inVia Robotics – Plug-and-Play Warehouse Robotics

We’re not quite sure where the nerd gene comes from but all of us here at Nanalyze have it. When the topic comes up of industrial robots that can be trained to do stuff like run around warehouses picking up packages and delivering them, we immediately start to get all warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s a test […]

CloudMinds has Lofty Goals for Cloud Robotics

Any sci-fi geek worth his tricorder knows that humanity’s toughest opponents are always the robot armies ruled by a collective brain or supercomputer. The hive-minded Borg from “Star Trek” and the ubiquitous Skynet in “Terminator” are but just two examples of such relentless bad guys with serious firepower. It turns out there’s a name for […]

9 Robotic Exoskeleton Stocks For Investors to Try On

In a recent article, we looked at a very interesting subcategory of robotics called “exoskeletons”. Also called “wearable robots”, exoskeletons aren’t just used to shoot laser beams at attacking alien scum in movies, but they are also seen as having a tremendous growth potential for investors. Technological advances like 3D printing and better lithium batteries mean that […]

Anki – Robots, AI, and AR in Your Living Room

When we think about robots, we often think of humanoid helpers like in the Jetsons (it’s a cartoon that older people distinguished people would have watched growing up) or massive industrial automatons that build those Teslas you see whizzing around these days. Maybe instead, we are reminded of a looming job crisis, where machines threaten to steal our livelihoods. In any […]

10 Startups Working on Robotics for Manufacturing

When we think about bringing manufacturing back to the USA, we may need to think about that in the context of robotics for manufacturing. As we discussed before, Asian countries like Japan are dominating the industrial robotics space (Source: Robotics and Automation News): In several recent articles, we looked at the large industrial robotics players listed in […]

An Exoskeleton Definition – Wearable Robots

A great deal of how we see the future evolving is through the lens of science fiction movies and TV shows. Every time we describe the way we see a technology moving forward, someone will inevitably say “you’ve been watching too much INSERT SCIFI MOVIE/TV SHOW HERE”. In Star Trek as an example, Gene Roddenberry correctly […]