6 Digital Identity Verification Startups to Check Out

Most people don’t think much about privacy when they search for things on Google, and even more are probably oblivious to just how much information you tell Google about what’s going on in your life. It has now become standard practice to evaluate someone’s Google searches for murder cases, oftentimes uncovering things like “how quick does […]

9 Regulatory and Compliance Regtech Startups

Most people have the wrong understanding of why “human” resources (HR) exists in a firm. They think that HR is there to make sure everyone is treated fairly and given participation medals which is only part of the story. The real reason (and only reason) HR exists is to protect the company’s interests by bringing in […]

RegTech – It’s like FinTech but Spelled Differently

Our past article on the 9 hottest cybersecurity startups and our most recent article on 6 artificial intelligence powered cybersecurity startups have both proved quite popular with our readers which is hardly surprising considering how every other day some large corporation gets hacked. Cybersecurity is on the top of every CTO’s mind, but that’s not […]