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Arqit Quantum Stock: An Overvalued Encryption Play
September 7. 2021. 5 mins read

The herd behaves in mysterious ways. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are a great example...

6 Quantum Computing Companies to Watch
November 14. 2018. 7 mins read

One of the many problems we face with quantum computing, aside from getting it to...

Why Post-quantum Cryptography is Important Today
September 16. 2018. 4 mins read

“Religious wars are basically people killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend”...

What is a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)?
February 16. 2017. 5 mins read

If you take a programming class that actually makes you sling some code, you’ve probably...

5 Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Encryption Companies
September 30. 2016. 4 mins read

In a recent article, we talked about 10 startups that are working on various aspects...