Quantum Computing

What is a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)?

If you take a programming class that actually makes you sling some code, you’ve probably come across the need to generate random numbers for some purpose. Sure, you can use the RAND software function and that will probably work just fine. While software can be used to generate random numbers, incredibly it can never do […]

The Mandela Effect and D-Wave Quantum Computers

We’ve been writing a fair amount about all things quantum in the past few years, in particular, quantum computing. We spend a lot of time researching technology themes in hopes of finding the “next Microsoft” so to speak. While doing all this research, we sometimes come across emerging technologies that just make us nerd out hardcore. There really is […]

5 Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Encryption Companies

In a recent article, we talked about 10 startups that are working on various aspects of quantum computing and promised our lovely readers a follow-up article on 5 quantum cryptography and quantum encryption companies. We quickly realized we are out of our league when we couldn’t even define the word quantum so in our last […]

10 Quantum Computing Companies

We’ve talked before about the amazing potential for quantum computing and even gave you 3 ways to invest in perhaps the most talked about quantum computing company there is, D-Wave Systems. Before we get too excited about what we can do with quantum computers, we need the actual hardware itself which is what D-Wave brings […]

3 Ways to Invest in D-Wave Stock Right Now Pre-IPO

Quantum computing promises to turn Moore’s Law on its head with exponentially faster computing times than we are capable of today. Canadian quantum computing startup D-Wave made headlines recently by taking a problem that would take 10,000 years to solve with conventional computing and then solving it in seconds. This would imply that quantum computing is […]

2 Quantum Computing Companies That Are Not D-Wave

Based on a recent analysis of our most popular articles, investors seem to have a strong interest in quantum computing. The problem for investors is that there aren’t any pure-play opportunities to invest in quantum computing at the moment. The main reason for this is that there aren’t many companies working on quantum computing. In fact, […]

Investing in Quantum Computing with TINY and D-Wave

We’ve talked before about disruptive technology venture capital fund Harris and Harris Group (NASDAQ:TINY) and their dismal share price performance over time. We’ve also highlighted that any single successful exit for one of TINY’s larger investments could be quite beneficial for TINY’s shareholders. Let’s take a look at an investment by Harris and Harris Group […]