Point of Sale Finance

A $69 Billion Fintech Stock That’s Soaring

Finding about the merits of a given disruptive technology stock late in the game makes it tough for new investors to establish an entry point. Ideally, you identify a portfolio of stocks you like, and buy a little bit each month with the extra income you have because you live below your means. Then, you’re […]

8 POS Payment Technology Startups to Check Out

If you ever get a chance to live abroad, see if you can make your way over to Hong Kong. It’s an absolutely fascinating place to live. If you were taking the bus home this week snacking on a mooncake, you might have seen the police blocking the road near Pok Fu Lam because of a […]

9 Cannabis Startups with Seed-to-Sale Solutions

We remember the days before Big Marijuana, when buying weed was much easier. We would pull up a block or two away from a seedy house in a rundown neighborhood. The front yard probably hadn’t been mowed since Nixon was president. Our dealer was named Weeda. For $25, she would hand over a quarter-ounce of […]

Affirm – A Leading Point of Sale Finance Provider

If you were born and raised in the United States and you decide to move to another country, one of the first things you’ll notice is just how focused Americans are on accumulating “stuff”. In fact, a great deal of motivation to make money appears to be that we observe people with money have more stuff. Some people go […]