Plant-based Meat

Is Beyond Meat Stock Still to Our Taste?

Lots of companies had a pretty forgettable year in 2022. And then there is Beyond Meat (BYND), whose (now former) chief operating officer took a bite out of another man’s nose while stuck in the parking lot after a college football game last October. That actually might have been the highlight of the year, based […]

Beyond Meat Stock: Where is the Growth?

Nearly five years ago, we speculated about the burger joint of the future. It would be a 3D-printed “brick-and-mortar” establishment with robots doing all the cooking, using lab-grown meat and synthetic biology as the secret sauce. It hasn’t happened yet. Instead, the biggest revolution in food has been in plant-based meats, which try to mimic […]

The Beyond Meat Stock Forecast You’re Looking For

It’s been about 16 months since The Rona first reared its ugly head and you wouldn’t be able to tell it by looking at the markets. The S&P 500 is up +30% and the NASDAQ up +55% from the day the news first broke. The effects of the pandemic on the global economy were devastating […]

Lab-Grown Chicken Company Bets the Farm on Alt Protein

Kingdoms rise and empires fall. It’s the way of things. But will plant-based meats and other alternative proteins created from animal cells in bioreactors or metabolized by microbes in fermentation tanks really replace a Juicy Lucy or Nashville hot chicken? It’s a question we’ve been asking and writing about a lot lately, and not because […]

A Clean Food Stock That’s Not Beyond Meat

If you’ve not spent time in the United Kingdom, you’d be excused for not knowing about a company called Innocent Smoothies. The three founders famously gave away their smoothies at a music festival with a sign that said “should we quit our jobs to go make smoothies” asking the empty bottles to be thrown in […]

9 Alternative Seafood Companies Saving the Oceans

We recently wrote about how plastic is choking our oceans and the different green packaging technologies being developed to wean us away from petroleum-based products. While we hope we can turn the tide, there’s already an estimated 5.25 trillion plastic particles currently circulating in the world’s oceans, and scientists are only now studying the potential […]

8 Alternative Protein Sources to Meat and Dairy

When did food become so complicated? There are dozens of diet fads out there with names that seem like they were based on vanished civilizations from the time of Conan – Keto, Dukan, Optavia. Science seems to flip-flop between glorifying and demonizing everything from coffee to fat. In some circles, meat has become public enemy […]