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Upstart Stock – A Play on AI-Powered Consumer Lending

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming so pervasive that it now comes in 28 different flavors, each of which has companies claiming to operate in that space. Any entrepreneur knows there’s a bit of “fake it until you make it” going on in all startups, but at some point, you need to show traction. In the […]

A $69 Billion Fintech Stock That’s Soaring

Finding about the merits of a given disruptive technology stock late in the game makes it tough for new investors to establish an entry point. Ideally, you identify a portfolio of stocks you like, and buy a little bit each month with the extra income you have because you live below your means. Then, you’re […]

How Coronavirus is Affecting the Stock Market

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about “the rona,” and so are we. The Americans have now commandeered the pandemic as yet another thing for the donkeys and elephants to argue about, and you can’t exactly escape to a tropical island because the travel industry is a complete mess. The best thing to do […]

The Impact of No Brokerage Fees on Retail Investors

Unless you work in finance, you may not be aware of a fundamental shift that’s underway at the moment in the industry. On Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, Charles Schwab rocked brokerage firms around the globe with their announcement to drop all commissions for stocks, ETFs, and options on U.S. and Canadian exchanges – permanently. Within a day, Ameritrade and E*Trade […]

A Free Personal Finance App That Does It All

In the same way that Google knows you better than anyone, the way you spend money telegraphs the type of person you are. You can’t just have one drink, you only buy products that are on sale, you’re an impulse buyer, you’re thrifty when it comes to renting hotel rooms, all these insights can be […]

How Micro Investing Apps Are Evolving

They say that the only way an alcoholic can cure their condition is to decide that they want to stop drinking. The same can be said for any sort of addiction that you want to kick, though there are some exceptions. Instead of trying to convince the more than 30% of obese Americans that big isn’t beautiful, […]

The Easiest Way to Save Money on a Tight Budget

“Save dat money” was a popular song by rapper Lil Dicky in which he ironically raps about saving money, a style of music that does nothing but talk about spending money on drugs, fast cars, and hos. While Mr. Dicky dispenses some decent advice, he didn’t talk much about the easiest way to save money on […]

How to Buy Shares of Stock in Startups

Disclaimer: this article was written by a person who does not work at any of the firms highlighted in this article. As always, past performance does not guarantee future results. When it comes to investing in disruptive technologies, retail investors get the short end of the stick. The most exciting startups out there are off limits, […]

What Bank Has the Best Interest Rates for Cash?

When Nanalyze started to grow in popularity several years back, we found ourselves in a unique position to help loads of people with no prior investment experience. This started taking form when we first warned (and continue to warn) investors to stay the heck away from over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. You will not get rich working from home […]

401K Fees Are Too High. Here’s What to Do.

For being one of the richest countries on the planet, it’s rather puzzling as to why Americans can’t manage to save any of their money. Ask any American about their savings, and you’ll probably get some response which includes the word “401k”. For our international readers, a 401k is a retirement plan that any American who […]