Personal Finance

Robo Advisor vs. Human Financial Advisor

In a previous article, we opined that the truth behind robo advisors is that they simply take the same private wealth management tools that a human financial advisor would always use and then automate them, simplify them, and externalize them. We tried to prove this by comparing robo advisor Betterment with Motif Investing and pointed out that in […]

Investing in Everything with Google

Nanalyze came about when we first read about nanotechnology 12 years ago and wanted to invest in it. In fact, the first thing that crossed our minds when we read about nanotechnology was, how can we invest in this incredible sounding opportunity? As the emergence of new and exciting disruptive technologies accelerates, we’re constantly asking […]

How to Sound Like a Finance Professional

We’re finance professionals here at Nanalyze, and consequently we’re often tempted to demonstrate how sophisticated we are by using obscure terminology that makes us sound important. The truth is, we’re not experts in anything, not even finance. What we do claim to do well, is to take “sophisticated” concepts and explain them simply. What we’ve […]

How to Lose Money Investing in Stocks

Everybody has advice for you on how to make money investing in stocks. There’s always that hot stock tip you hear about that promises you’ll make a fortune in the next Microsoft. But how come nobody ever tells you how to lose money in stocks? What if we could tell you a sure-fire way to […]